Buy Aquatest liquid with a white color, represents the chemical composition of pure testosterone in an aqueous suspension. An aqueous suspension protects testosterone molecules from decay and does not allow severe damage to the liver. Aquatest low price contains only active and free testosterone, which enters the blood freely and unchanged. This testosterone is preferred by athletes who want to reduce the harm of a steroid cycle because they have very high dosages.
How to use:
Do every day injections of testosterone Aquatest buy Ukraine in doses of 50-100 mg per day, depending on the goal of the athlete. Before taking it, you must definitely consult a doctor in order to protect yourself from bad effects.
The effect:
Reception Aquatest leads to the fact that the body is rapidly producing protein and due to this, muscle mass increases. As a result of taking this drug, endurance also increases and the recovery time after training decreases. And the muscles themselves become more prominent.
Side effects:
In connection with the reception of Aquatest, a possible increase in blood pressure can cause gynecomastia. There is also an increase in aggressiveness, increased production of sebaceous glands and hair growth.