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Boldabol 300 is a veterinary steroid that is very popular in the athletic community. The anabolic effect is high, and the androgenic effect is considered moderate. This drug is well suited for those who want to build muscle mass and increase their strength. Boldabol 300 copes with these tasks perfectly. Many athletes, despite the good effect of the drug, prefer to combine the steroid with other substances.

The course of taking Boldabol 300

The exact dosage should be checked with a specialist. We recommend that you always consult with a sports doctor to improve the effect of the drug and reduce the likelihood of side effects. Usually athletes take from 300 to 600 mg of the drug per week. The frequency of injections is once a day.

Features Boldabol 300

Estrogen and androgenic activity are perfectly combined in the preparation and make it similar to testosterone with a milder effect. The aromatization process is small – this is acceptable for a steroid.

Side effects of Boldabol

Experience shows that injections should not be too frequent. Otherwise, the formation of an abscess is noted. He, in principle, can dissipate itself after a while. If this does not happen, then a doctor's examination is needed. Also, high dosages can develop gynecomastia.

In general, the drug is marked by positive reviews and is characterized by high efficiency in building muscle mass.