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Boldever is an anabolic steroid manufactured by Vermoge Moldova. Very similar in structure to methandienone, although boldever has completely different properties. The huge advantages of this drug can be called the fact that it is not converted into estrogens and has a weakly pronounced androgenic activity. So a set of watery mass, acne, gynecomastia and other delights of androgenic drugs do not threaten you.
Boldever reviews

Boldenone has recently become increasingly popular among domestic athletes. In terms of effectiveness, boldever can be placed with a deck, but it exhibits greater anabolic activity than nandrolone. Boldever is an excellent choice for building lean and quality muscle mass, venous visibility and fat reduction. Boldever is one of the longest oil esters. The validity period after inclusion in the work is 3-4 weeks. Bodybuilders who smoked boldever note that the drug starts working from about the end of the third week, the mass on it is gaining slowly, but it is noted for its excellent quality. It has been observed that boldever greatly increases the appetite, making it an ideal preparation for masochism courses. Boldenone also increases the erythrocyte mass of blood, due to which the venous muscles are drawn. In a dosage up to 1000 mg. non-toxic to the liver. Has no side effects, can be used by women. Minimally suppresses the production of own testosterone.
Boldever course. Boldever instruction

Boldever is an amazing drug, the benefits of which have long been appreciated by American athletes.This medication is appropriate for almost any AS courses. Whether it's masonasetnye, or drying courses. Since boldenone takes a long time to work, it makes sense to take courses on this drug for 8 to 10 weeks. If the course exceeds 10 weeks, the use of gonadotropin is necessary.

Solo boldever is rarely used. Dosages for beginner chemists typically range from 300-600mg. in Week. For advanced chemists – 600 mg.-1 gram. in Week. Bolda is very often used in courses as a substitute for deck, since, having all the advantages of decanoate, it does not have its disadvantages, i.e. progestin activity. Ideally combined with testosterone long esters – enanthate, cypionate, testosterone mixes (ohm, sust) and menandien.

I will give several options for the course of boldenone:

1. An example of an 8-week course – Turinabol 40-50 mg. day, Boldenone 800 mg. week As for me, a bunch of boldenone turinabol is an excellent combination for gaining lean and high-quality muscle mass, with a minimum of side effects.

2. The course for maximum quality Boldenone 600 mg. week, Stanase 40-50 mg. day: Propionate 100 mg. in one day.

3. The course for the highest quality masonry Trenbolone -300-400 mg., Week, Bold 800 mg. in Week.