Pack of 30 capsules 10 mg
Course – 4 -8 weeks
Recommended dosage :
For men : 1-3 capsules
For a woman: 1-3 capsules
During the day, it is worth taking in equal parts, at regular intervals

Toxicity to the liver – moderate / weak
Method of administration – inside (in capsules)
Half-life – 24 hours

– Increases stamina by 40-50%
– Energy is spent from fat reserves, bypassing glucose and proteins.
– increase in intensity due to excess energy.
– building muscle volume and burning subcutaneous fat at the same time.
– increased glucose tolerance in bone muscles.
– burning fat without atrophy of muscle tissue.
-increasing the relief and hardness of the muscles
– Powerful anti-catabolic action associated with the stimulation of muscle fibers to use subcutaneous fat as energy, and not self-absorption as a result of a lack of calories
– Provokes an increase in the amount of energy consumed by muscle tissue, glucose in particular!
– Accelerates the process of fatty acid oxidation in mitochondria