The active substance of Clomigen, clomiphene citrate, is a synthetic estrogen, surprisingly, with clear antagonistic properties. Those. it is characterized by antiestrogenic activity (selectively binds to estrogen receptors, does not suppress the processes of aromatization and the formation of estrogens). Its action promotes the secretion of gonadotropins, thus increasing testosterone levels. Clomegen does not show androgenic or anabolic activity.

In summary, Clomegen has a number of benefits that make it an excellent post-cycle therapy and generally useful drug in bodybuilding/athletic practice and medicine:

  • the drug has antiestrogenic properties – it is able to selectively bind estrogen receptors without affecting the aromatization process itself.
  • the drug has the ability to stimulate the secretion of gonadotropins – the level of LH and FSH increases, as a result, the level of endogenous testosterone increases.

Can Clomegen tablets have any side effects? This is unlikely, in other words, when using moderate / recommended dosages, the drug is unlikely to show a negative effect. However, in some cases, some deviations can still make themselves felt. In particular, there is a possibility of such ailments as: hot flashes and headaches, bouts of nausea, weakness or dizziness.

The side effects that are possible due to the use of steroids, Clomegen is able to prevent / eliminate very effectively (shows antiestrogenic properties, increases testosterone levels, can prevent the consequences of reduced endogenous testosterone production). Therefore, it is highly valued and regularly used by athletes who use AAS in sports practice.

Clomegen in bodybuilding

In bodybuilding and some other sports disciplines, Clomegen is regularly used during post cycle therapy (on PCT), not only as an auxiliary antiestrogenic agent. However, it is mainly used by men. The use of Balkan Clomid by women in sports is inappropriate. Another thing is medicine, where, unlike sports practice, clomiphene citrate preparations are used in the treatment of a wide variety of female diseases that prevent ovulation and conception.

For men in sports, Clomid is usually used after a course of AAS. Its use on PCT lasts an average of about 2-3 weeks, and doses are used in the region of 50-150 mg per day. Taking tablets of this drug is usually started immediately after the completion of the course of steroids in order to protect the body as much as possible from possible consequences, incl. from the so-called rollback phenomenon, characterized by an increase in catabolic processes.

Note that the use of Clomid after the course of AAS should be carried out on a daily basis (as already noted at 50-150 mg per day). The fact is that clomiphene citrate does not have a very long period of activity, therefore, in order to have the proper effect, it is recommended to drink tablets every day.

The frequency and, in general, the scheme of using the drug can vary significantly depending on various factors, in particular, depending on the course of steroids conducted and the predisposition to the manifestation of certain abnormalities.