Great sport requires great dedication from athletes. Especially when it comes to power types. Eventing, bodybuilding, powerlifting are the choice of stubborn, purposeful, strong and persistent young people.

  • Active ingredient: Mix testosterones
  • Release form: 1ml x 250mg/ml
  • Manufacturer: Adam Labs Laboratory
  • Country: Belgium

Many hours of training to exhaustion, a strict diet and rest, contribute to the rapid achievement of an impressive result. But in order to be an example, a reference representative of their field, athletes must help their body overcome the threshold of the impossible through pharmacological intervention. Sustanon from AdamLabs has become one of the most popular drugs.

Description of Sustanon

Sustanon, an injectable steroid from AdamLabs, is consistently in high demand among athletes due to its wide range of applications and fast results. AdamLabs has earned the trust of customers by producing exceptionally high-quality pharmacological products at an affordable price.

Sustanon, or Sust, as it is commonly known in the sports world, was originally used as a treatment to boost natural testosterone production. Over time, sports doctors began to pay more and more attention to the effect of taking the drug, subjecting it to a thorough analysis. This was the reason that Sustanon began to be used as an aid to achieve results in sports. Today, Sustanon helps athletes achieve their goals in sports not only in Ukraine but throughout the world. Release form – solution for injection, in ampoules of 1 ml.

Action Sustanon

Sustanon consists of four testosterone esters, which reveal their action in turn, providing a prolonged effect. The composition of Sustanon includes:

  • testosterone decanoate
  • testosterone propionate
  • testosterone phenylpropionate
  • testosterone isocaproate.

Such a complex, multicomponent composition allows reaching the maximum concentration within two days after administration. Such a strong effect continues for another three weeks after the end of the course.

Carefully calculated dosage helps increase endurance and energy levels, which is necessary for long and hard work in the gym with a lot of weight. Taking Sustanon also contributes to a faster recovery of the body after physical exertion, helps the protein to be synthesized faster, and saturates the blood with oxygen.

Sustanon course

Course Sustanon involves weekly administration of the drug intramuscularly. The optimal dosage to achieve the result is 250-500 milligrams per week. The calculation of a more specific amount is carried out by professional coaches, taking into account the athlete's sports training, experience, goals and skills. The prescribed dosage allows you to achieve most sports goals. The course is 6-8 weeks. During this period, a set of muscle mass averages 6 kg. Longer courses require the use of an auxiliary gonadotropin.

Sustanon injections can be carried out once every three weeks, in the case of a single injection of the entire volume. But athletes prefer to break the amount of milligrams into three doses and administer a small amount weekly.This technique helps to maintain the highest possible level of testosterone in the body and use the potential of the drug to its full potential.

Solo course allows you to achieve excellent results. In order to get more, athletes resort to various steroid bundles. Sustanon works with Methane, Primabolan, Winstrol. Dosage and duration of administration is calculated in each individual case separately.

Post cycle therapy

At the end of the course, mandatory post-course therapy is recommended. After taking any anabolic in the body, the natural production of the hormone testosterone is disrupted. The hormonal background needs help to restore balance. In this regard, after the last injection, the reception is started. Tamoxifen, which helps to quickly bring hormones back to normal and stabilize the general physical and emotional state of the athlete back to normal.


Sustanon is contraindicated in:

  • hypersensitivity to one or more components
  • oncological diseases
  • hepatic, renal failure
  • diabetes
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • pregnancy, lactation.

Caution and a clear calculation of the dosage is the main rule for taking Sustanon.

Side effects

In pursuit of the rapid manifestation of the effect of the drug, some athletes make an independent decision to exceed the dosage, violate the rules and frequency of injections. Such irresponsible behavior will invariably lead to:

  • puffiness
  • increase in blood pressure
  • acne
  • baldness
  • aggression
  • malfunctions in the liver
  • muscle pain.

In addition, Sustanon is contraindicated in women. The drug causes the active development of the viril syndrome, the main features of which are coarsening of the voice, increased hair growth, cycle failure, changes in the proportions of the body and face according to the male type.