Due to the effectiveness of the drugs produced, the British Dragon company quickly gained popularity among domestic athletes. Among its products, it is worth noting such a drug as Stanabol, which is based on stanozolol. The product is a fairly strong anabolic, which is used by athletes to improve physical capabilities and accelerate the processes of utilization of adipose tissues.

Properties of Stanabol injection

The drug is an effective anabolic agent. In this regard, it is more than three times more effective than testosterone. The product is available in the form of an aqueous suspension. Its use contributes to:

  • improving the drawing of the relief of the body,
  • increase in physical abilities,
  • elimination of adipose subcutaneous tissues,
  • decrease in the concentration of globulin in the blood,
  • blocking estrogen and progesterone.

How to take Stanabol?

If the athlete has already gained the required amount of mass and he only needs to correct the constitution of the body, then he can take Stanabol without auxiliary means. The daily dose of anabolic should not exceed 50 mg. Course duration – 4-6 weeks.

It is worth taking Stanabol in combination with other courses only if it is necessary to improve the results. Which drug becomes an auxiliary depends on the desired result. For example, if the goal of the course is to gain quality mass, then the most effective way would be to combine Stanabol with methane or testosterone. If the athlete wants to get rid of excess subcutaneous fat, then it is best to combine Stanabol with Trenbolone.