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Stanozolol 12 mg

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Stanozolol is one of the best AAS for cutting cycles. Learn about the use of the drug in bodybuilding.

Stanozolol is one of the oldest steroids and was created in the last century, more precisely in the sixties. Quite quickly, he found a use in sports. Although the drug is a progesterone antagonist, it cannot block the progestogenic activity of nandrolone.

Like most tableted anabolics, stanozolol undergoes alkylation during production and in large doses can heavily burden the liver. Perhaps this is the only side effect of stanozolol, since its negative properties are extremely rare. We also note that the anabolic is quite actively used by girls.


• Significantly improves muscle relief.
• Processes of removal from an organism of liquid are accelerated.
• Appetite increases.
• The concentration of globulin is reduced.
• It has an antiestrogenic effect, although research in this direction has not yet been fully completed.
• Sharply increase physical parameters.

Methods of application and dosage

Most often, the steroid is used to fight fat and improve the quality of muscle relief. If you decide to do a drying cycle, then you can buy stanozolol and get excellent results. We also note that the best results from the use of the drug can be obtained by athletes whose body contains a moderate amount of fat and who have gained a sufficient amount of muscle mass.

The drug has a short half-life and must be taken daily.In bodybuilding, the allowable dose of stanozolol is 30 milligrams. If the drug is used to increase physical parameters, then it is enough to use from 10 to 20 milligrams. The duration of the cycle is from five to eight weeks.

Very often, stanozolol is included in combined courses. In this case, it is advisable to use powerful androgens, say, anadrol, testosterone or methane. able to reduce their negative impact on the body, and increase the efficiency of the entire cycle. Note that when conducting combined courses by bodybuilders, the weekly dose of all steroids should not exceed 0.5 grams. This ensures that there are no side effects.


After reading stanozolol reviews, you will understand that this is one of the best AAS used during cutting cycles. Stanozolol is very common in the "iron" sport, and is also used by athletes. Although most often in this sport, an injectable version is used – Winstrol. A few years ago, a large number of world-class athletes were caught using this anabolic. Also, athletes often say that for beginners, stanozolol is an excellent drug for getting to know steroids.