In fact, the drug is a replacement or analogue of Winstrol (a modified injectable stanozolol). Strombagject Aqua Kyiv buy, like most steroid drugs, it is a good tool for quickly gaining large amounts of muscle mass, the drug has also established itself as an excellent tool for burning fat and losing weight. Strombaject helps to strengthen bones and bone tissues (increased deposition of calcium and phosphorus), increases the level of erythroprotein synthesis, providing delivery of oxygen that is so necessary for tissues.
Peculiarity Price Strombaject Aqua lies in its active (active substance) – stanozolol, this substance, unlike most steroids, is able to dissolve in water, not in oil. This property directly affects the intake of the drug, due to its rapid dissolution, the intervals between doses Strombaject Aqua buy Ukraine should be minimal.
How to use:
The positive properties of strombajectu are provided by stanozolol contained in its composition. Stanozolol is able to dissolve in water in the shortest possible time. Due to the water base, the drug is quickly absorbed by the body and provides quick results. Therefore, taking strombaject aqua involves small doses with frequent injections. The maximum results from the course of the drug can be achieved at a dose of 50 mg, administered to the body every 2-3 days. The minimum weekly dosage of Strombaject is 50-75 mg. The recommended duration of the course is 6-9 weeks.
The effect:
When using this drug, you will not see a lightning-fast increase in muscle mass, as, for example, when taking methandienone, but this mass will be of very high quality and will represent exactly pure muscle mass, and not fat with water, which also disappear when taking other drugs such as Danabol.
Side effects:
Of the side effects, a strong load on the joints can be noted. Despite the fact that the drug does not provoke water retention in the body, joint fluid may not be enough. It is not required to fix PCT with additional drugs, due to the minimal aromatization of the injection.