Testobol propionate is a good solution to enhance the work of a hormone like testosterone. Testabol is distinguished by its rapid action compared to cypionate and enanthate. Testobol propionate must be administered daily to keep the active substance in the blood. This preparation is excellent for working on a dry, embossed and attractive mass.

Taking Testobol propionate from British Dragon

The dosage may range from 50 to 100 mg. At the same time, there are some nuances of the amount of the desired substance, which are best discussed with a specialist – a sports doctor. It will take into account the characteristics of your body, the training process, nutrition and many other factors. Thus, the exact course will be individual for everyone. If you choose the right dosage, then the muscles and strength will grow quickly – you will immediately feel the result.

Combining Testobol propionate with other drugs

Testobol propionate is often taken along with other drugs:

  • Boldabol,
  • Primobol
  • Decabol.

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