Testoged P is one of many testosterone esters. This tool is classified as anabolic steroids, the most popular among bodybuilders. Many athletes want to buy Testoged P because its intake helps to increase the strength index and build high-quality muscle tissue. The effect of the drug is such that often its reception is most welcome during drying.

In addition to building muscle and increasing strength, the effect of taking testoged is to burn the fat layer, contributing to an increase in relief. In addition, the active substance of the drug increases libido, and also helps to reduce the risk of certain heart diseases.

Before you buy Testoged-P, many, in particular beginner athletes, should know that it is produced in a dosage of 50 or 100 mg per 1 ml. This is quite convenient for both a novice bodybuilder and an experienced one. The recommended dosage for an inexperienced athlete is 50 mg, which should be taken 1 time in 2 days. For the experienced, it is necessary to take 100 mg every day.