Testosterone Cipionate from AdamLabs belongs to the group of steroid anabolics. Differs in the prolonged action. Helps athletes who prefer long courses to gain muscle mass. The length of the ester chain of any steroid drug affects the duration of its action. Cypionate received the longest testosterone ester, due to which it is smoothly released into the blood. Available in the form of an oily solution for injection. Possesses:

  • duration of two weeks
  • half-life of 10-12 days
  • detection in the blood for another 3 months after the end of the course
  • slight hepatoxicity.

Professional trainers and athletes know that Testosterone Cipionate is characterized by a high ability to aromatize, therefore it requires mandatory post-cycle therapy.

The effect of taking

Testosterone cypionate allows you to get the following positive results from taking:

  • fast and high-quality set of dry muscle mass
  • pumping effect
  • improved endurance and strength
  • increases appetite and libido
  • maximize muscle performance during workouts due to increased production of red blood cells and blood oxygen saturation
  • positive nitrogen balance due to accelerated protein synthesis.

In addition, Testosterone Cipionate is also worth buying due to the fact that it affects not only the physical form, but also the emotional state of the athlete. Athletes note an improvement in mood, an increase in vitality. Muscles acquire relief, the body acquires the correct proportions.The rollback effect is negligible.

The course of the drug

Most often, athletes take the Testosterone Cipionate course, following one of the schemes:

  • injections once a week 250-500 milligrams
  • weekly injections of Testosterone Cipionate at a dosage of 800 milligrams (it is recommended to carry out under the close attention of physicians and trainers).

The solo course is able to provide excellent results, therefore it does not require the connection of additional preparations in a bundle. But some athletes, in order to obtain an enhanced effect, still add Nadrolone, Boldenone. In this case, the dosage of each substance will be 200 milligrams per week. The duration of the course should not exceed 12 weeks. The estimated set of muscle mass is about 6kg. The rollback effect takes no more than 1/3 of the result obtained.

Post cycle therapy

From the second week of the course, Tamoxifen must be connected to Testosterone Cipionate. This drug blocks the action of estrogen. Dosage – 10 mg per day. Stop taking Tamoxifen two weeks after the end of the cycle. Another option could be Proviron, and some athletes find this drug to be much more effective. After the course of Cypionate is over, care must be taken to restore the body's production of its own testosterone. Antiestrogens will reduce the percentage of accumulated fluid and suppress the development of gynecomastia.

Side effects

Any interference in the normal activity of the body cannot pass completely without a trace. A disturbed hormonal background can notify itself with such side effects:

  • increased oiliness of the skin
  • acne
  • baldness
  • increased blood pressure
  • irritability
  • decreased sexual desire and depression.

To minimize all negative consequences, you can use the drug responsibly. Do not neglect the systematic medical examinations and recommendations of doctors regarding the dosage and duration of the course.

Contraindications to the use of Testosterone Cipionate

Before giving permission for the injection of Testosterone Cipionate, doctors conduct a medical examination, the purpose of which is to exclude the following diseases and pathologies in the body of an athlete:

  • individual intolerance to the drug or one of its components
  • oncological diseases
  • pathology of the liver and kidneys
  • cardiovascular failure.

Testosterone Cipionate is contraindicated in female athletes, as it is characterized by a strong androgenic effect. Neglect of the recommendations will inevitably lead to the development of secondary sexual characteristics: a change in body proportions, a coarsening of the voice, an increase in oily skin, a male-type mouth of hair. It is important to know that all changes are irreversible, that is, they will not disappear after the end of the course.