Testosterone cypionate is an ester of the main male sex hormone testosterone with a long period of activity in the body. The active component of the steroid is characterized by a strong androgenic and anabolic effect on the athlete's body. The drug is in demand in sports practice, as well as in the medical field. Representatives of sports disciplines wish to buy Testosterone Cypionate from ALLCHEM ASIA for the accelerated growth of large muscle volumes and strength capabilities. This drug is used exclusively by men.

  • Active ingredient: testosterone cypionate
  • Release form: 1 ml 200 mg
  • Manufacturer: Allchem ​​Asia
  • Country: India

Initially, cypionate was actively used by American athletes, but now this substance is also very popular among European athletes, this also includes Ukraine. The drug is sold as an oil-based injection solution. The main advantage of cypionate is its long-term activity in the body, but it is also characterized by fluid retention. It is for this reason that it is often added in combination courses along with cutting steroids.

Properties and positive effects

Cypionate is a fairly powerful anabolic and androgenic substance, its anabolic and androgenic activity is 100% of testosterone.

Buy Testosterone cypionate 1ml 200mg ALLCHEM ASIA is sought after by many to achieve a variety of positive effects. When used correctly, the drug provides:

  • a quick build-up of muscle volume (but you need to remember a significant rollback at the end of the course),
  • increase in endurance and performance indicators, which allows you to train more productively,
  • increase in the power potential of an athlete,
  • increased motivation for further training,
  • increase in general vitality,
  • activation of the recovery process in the body,
  • elimination of pain and crunch in the joints.

Cypionate is characterized by the effect of causing a pronounced pumping of the muscles. Also, the athlete needs to be prepared that his libido and sexual desire will increase on the course.

Side effects of testosterone cypionate

At observance of the correct doses and duration of an injection course side reactions are not shown. Otherwise, the athlete may face:

  • acne breakouts,
  • gynecomastia,
  • accumulation of subcutaneous fat deposits (especially in the abdominal region),
  • inhibition of the production of natural testosterone in the body,
  • increased blood pressure.

The injectable steroid is not characterized by hepatotoxicity, so cypionate does not harm the health and normal functioning of the liver.

It is worth noting that this drug is strictly contraindicated for female athletes due to its high androgenic activity. On the course, women may encounter the manifestation of secondary male sexual characteristics – coarsening of the voice, body hair, hormonal imbalance, cycle disturbance, and others.

How to take Testosterone Cypionate from ALLCHEM ASIA

To achieve expressive muscle volumes, the course of Testosterone cypionate 1 ml 200 mg ALLCHEM ASIA should last no more than 4-6 weeks. Optimal dosages are 250-500 mg of cypionate once a week. The steroid can be used on a solo cycle or combined with other AAS. On a combined course, the dosage of cypionate should be reduced to 200 mg per week, no more.

You need to take this steroid drug correctly. Do not be guided by the concept – the more the better. If you increase the dosage of cypionate to 800-100 mg per week, this will not enhance the positive effects of the drug, but it will increase the risk of adverse reactions and lead to pronounced aromatization.

If the athlete has a genetic predisposition to aromatization, then on the course you need to add Proviron or aromatase inhibitors – Letrozole, Anastrozole. They must be used from the second week of the course and continue to be taken even 2 weeks after the end of the injection cycle. Further, aromatase inhibitors are replaced by antiestrogen – Clomid or Tamoxifen to normalize the production of endogenous testosterone.

Also, if the course of testosterone cypionate exceeds 4 weeks, then in the second week of the course, injections of gonadotropin 500 IU once a week should be added to avoid testicular atrophy.