Testosterone Cypionate has a fairly long-lasting effect, as well as high androgenic and anabolic activity. It is no secret to anyone that the effectiveness of a mass-gaining course directly depends on the choice of a long-acting testosterone ester. The steroid allows the athlete to get excellent results even on solo courses.


The main feature of this drug is a relatively short half-life. But this difference is very small. Moreover, this drug, with proper use, allows the athlete many times faster to get results such as:

  • Set of muscles at an accelerated pace,
  • Increase in indicators of physical fitness,
  • Increasing stamina and giving motivation,
  • Improving the performance of joints and connective tissues,
  • Strengthening the skeletal system.

And these are just a few of the main, most significant effects for an athlete that this steroid will achieve. Many athletes with experience in taking this drug note its high efficiency and with a minimal likelihood of adverse reactions.


Experts recommend taking the drug no more than once a week. This approach to the use of a steroid will allow you to constantly maintain an even hormonal background and get the maximum result from the course. On average, a one-time dosage should not go beyond 0.2 – 1 gram. If your course lasts about two months, then you can not be afraid of unpleasant moments.

Also, athletes note the high performance of this steroid in combined courses. Moreover, you can combine Testosterone Cypionate with absolutely any steroids, it all depends on the goals and financial capabilities of the bodybuilder.