It is used to build mass and develop tremendous strength. In addition to its most powerful effect on the body as an anabolic, "tren" also lowers cortisol levels, burns subcutaneous fat by influencing the secretion of growth hormone, also greatly increases appetite, increases strength at times and builds mass.

Parabolan is a long ester, it retains its working qualities for 5-6 days after injection.

The drug has become popular among intermediate and professional athletes because it does not aromatize, which eliminates such unpleasant side effects as gynecomastia.

For an 8-week course of parobolan tren with the same methane, a gain of 10-12 kg of weight will be quite normal, in training you will give all your best like never before, you will feel the crazy pumping effect, an increase in all working weights, a great desire to train.

Tren hexa is a rarer guest on the bodybuilder's menu than acetate. It is most often used by security officials and professional bodybuilders. Its big plus is that if you use it solo, it will not give a significant increase in mass, but the strength indicators will go to a completely different level. If you take and supplement it with fat-burning drugs such as Winstrol or Masteron, you will get an excellent pro-relief physique at the output.

The time of detection on doping tests is 5 months from the moment of termination of the course.