Winstrol from the Indian manufacturer "Allchem ​​Asia" is an androgenic and anabolic steroid drug in the form of injections.

  • Active ingredient: Winstrol
  • Release form: 1 ml 50 mg
  • Manufacturer: Allchem ​​Asia
  • Country: India

The steroid has been known on the market since 1962. Initially, it was actively used to increase endurance and strength in animals. Later, the drug was approved for the treatment of people, and then it began to be actively used in sports.
The drug is an aqueous suspension in oily ether. The drug is rapidly excreted by the body, which requires frequent injections. You can buy Winstrol in our online store with a quality guarantee. The cost of the drug is affordable even for novice athletes.

In modern sports, Winstrol is a banned drug and is strictly tested for doping. In order not to get disqualified, athletes use it in the post-competition period. Since the drug is detected within 340 days from the end of the intake, experienced athletes take it a year before the start of the competition. Strict testing is carried out at the Olympic Games.

The positive effect of the drug

Winstrol is a time-tested steroid that promotes the rapid burning of subcutaneous fat. Athletes appreciate the drug for its ability to create a beautiful relief of the muscles, improving the drawing of the veins. Once in the body, the active substance lowers the level of SHBG (globulin), which binds hormones produced by the reproductive system. As a result, testosterone has a powerful effect on muscle tissue, promoting the growth of its fibers. The drug stimulates protein synthesis and improves muscle oxygenation, which stimulates their growth.As a result of exposure to Winstrol, calcium and phosphorus are retained in the body, the bone skeleton is strengthened and collagen production is increased. Winstrol is recommended for athletes who want to:

Improve muscle relief. Being a specific drug, the steroid does not contribute to the maximum growth of muscle tissue, but improves the drawing of the veins and gives a beautiful relief to the muscles.

  • Remove excess water from the body, to increase the quality of the mass in the combined courses.
  • Appetite improvements.
  • Decrease in the level of globulin in the body, which is responsible for the binding of sex hormones.
  • Significantly improve athletic performance by increasing strength and endurance.
  • Burn excess fat. The steroid has antiprogesterone and antiestrogenic effects on the body, which leads to a good fat burning effect.

Winstrol also promotes rapid regeneration of damaged tissues, restores strength after training, improves stress resistance.

Adverse drug reactions

When used correctly, Winstrol does not cause side effects and is well tolerated by the body. At higher dosages, the drug can provoke pain in the joints due to the excretion of fluid, therefore it is recommended that Deco or Testosterone be administered to the course. With individual intolerance, blood pressure rises, loss of appetite, migraines and irritability occur. After discontinuation of the drug or dosage adjustment, adverse reactions stop.

How to use Winstrol

Winstrol is given by injection of 50 milligrams once every two days. For experienced athletes, daily injections of 50 milligrams are allowed. The course lasts no more than nine weeks. The steroid is suitable for women and men athletes.If the steroid is injected into the body every day, then the course lasts no more than six weeks.

The steroid is combined with such AAS: Turinabol, Parabolan, Trenbolone, Boldenone, Testosterone (any form) and Deca. Such combined courses help to quickly build up a good mass with minimal rollback. For drying, the steroid is best combined with Oxandrolone.

After completing the course of Winstrol, PCT undergo antiestrogens, which allow you to quickly restore the production of your own hormones. Clomid is used for post-course therapy. If Trenbolone or Nandrolone was present on the course, then Tamoxifen or Cabergoline is used for PCT.

If the athlete decides to take only Winstrol on the course, then it is recommended to reduce the intensity of training so as not to damage the ligaments.

The dosage is prescribed by a sports doctor based on the clinical picture of the athlete's health. Therefore, uncontrolled use of a steroid is not recommended, otherwise you can cause serious harm to the body. For maximum results, adhere to proper nutrition and sleep.