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The main advantage of Winstrol tablets is the ability to build high-quality muscles without unnecessary water retention. Stanaza, together with a low-carbohydrate diet and a properly selected training program, can make muscle mass more solid, tough, and embossed. The combined use of Winstrol with other non-aromatizable steroids (trenbolone, for example) turns the shapeless bodies of bodybuilders who have fattened up in the offseason into a kind of Apollo. A competent combination of stanozolol with other AAS helps athletes achieve the deepest relief and ideal muscle separation. Like other steroids, Winstrol is not only a shaper and bodybuilder, but a good assistant in strength progress and endurance work.

Our fathers and grandfathers remember the time when the still nascent and fragile Russian bodybuilding was in its infancy and Russian athletes, accustomed to shortages and queues, were forced to be content with an extremely meager set of drugs, a sort of pharmacological dry ration that could be obtained in pharmacies and in other "evil" places. In those distant years, working on the quality of the gained mass was a very difficult task, the pharmaceutical system for “shrinking” and decorating the Hercules of the local spill was scarce to the point of disgrace … the main medicine for pre-competitive preparation was Pharmadonov / Dalchimfarm propionate. Therefore, the appearance on the Russian "black" market of AAS in the early 90s of the newest drug of Western origin could not go unnoticed.Winstrol was quickly mastered by our athletes and somehow diversified the range of steroids that was available in those ancient times.

Domestic ascetics, accustomed to water-pressurized testosterone and methane, who managed to get attached to dexamethasone and insulin with their souls, who fell in love with every cell of their vast carcasses pharmacy Retabolil and the “soviet” protein “Atlant”, always treated everything new with distrust and apprehension. However, the injectable form of stanozolol was to our liking, competing bodybuilders and amateur athletes appreciated all the advantages of this anabolic steroid.

In the West, Winstrol began to be widely used in professional sports in the 80s, and the active substance itself was first obtained in the early 60s by Sterling (USA). Winstrol is a brand name for the chemical stanozolol (a derivative of dihydrotestosterone). The drug is an aqueous suspension of stanozolol. Stanazolol is also available in oral form. There is absolutely no difference between oral and injectable stanozolol – they are the same drug. So, if in your "first aid kit" there is an injectable version of the steroid and you do not like frequent injections, you can safely simply drink the contents of the ampoules. Although when administered intramuscularly, the effectiveness of stanozolol is still much higher.

For many years, the Winstrol course has been successfully used in various sports. Initially, representatives of "light" sports disciplines drew their attention to this unique medication. Stanozolol is the most common AS among runners, swimmers, fighters and chess players. This is evidenced by the chronicle of doping testing. Over the past two decades, it was this anabolic that was found more often than other steroids in doping tests.A huge number of athletes were caught using the Winstrol course and disqualified. Due to the positive result of a doping test for stanozolol, many athletes were deprived of titles, regalia and won records, after which a further sports career was impossible. However, the risk that athletes taking stanozolol took was justified by the amazing results and unimaginable effectiveness of this steroid. Stanaz in a very short time made the athlete stronger, faster and more enduring without a noticeable increase in weight. In the wake of athletes and chess players, representatives of purely male sports became interested in winstrol … gradually, the Winstrol course began to penetrate into bodybuilding, gaining new fans among the jocks.