Flex Regen – the multicomponent composition of the Flex Regen complex provides the body with active trace elements necessary to maintain the health of ligaments and joints. The product will primarily be of interest to athletes and people leading an active lifestyle, experiencing problems with the functionality of the bone and ligament apparatus. In addition, it can also be used by non-athletes to prevent and correct joint problems caused by age-related changes or other factors. The rich composition of OstroVit Flex Regen makes it one of the best products on the market for sports nutrition designed to support the health of the musculoskeletal system. If you want to restore joint mobility, become more active and enjoy movement again, as well as prevent the development of injuries and diseases of the osseous and ligamentous apparatus, then the Flex Regen complex from OstroVit will be your ideal assistant! The Flex Regen Complex combines highly effective and proven ingredients that have already been proven effective in the treatment of ligament and joint injuries.

What will you get by taking Ostrovit Flex-Regen?

  • glucose and chondroitin – highly effective joint protectors that restore the structure of connective tissues, increase cartilage elasticity, restore synovial fluid content, restore mobility of the musculoskeletal system,
  • methylsulfonylmethane – a sulfur-based compound, relieves inflammation and blocks their development, eliminates pain and discomfort during movement, participates in the renewal of cells and tissues,
  • gelatin hydrolyzate – is included in the structure of cartilage, ligaments, connective, muscle, epithelial and other types of tissues, increases the elasticity and elasticity of organs, including joints,
  • calcium and vitamin D – increase the strength and elasticity of bones, prevent the development of osteoporosis, eliminate calcium deficiency in the body of actively exercising individuals,
  • magnesium – normalizes muscle contractility, maintains proper relaxation, relieves pain, excessive tension and cramps,
  • hyaluronic acid – restores the structure of connective, epithelial tissues, as well as synovial fluid, is involved in cell regeneration and healing of injuries,
  • vitamin C – provides antioxidant protection, participates in the synthesis of collagen, which is necessary for the healing of injuries and restoration of the structure of connective tissues,
  • boswellic acid – acts in conjunction with methylsulfonylmethane, blocking the development of inflammatory processes, relieves pain and helps in the treatment of injuries,
  • L-proline – promotes the formation of collagen, improves the condition of cartilage, epithelial tissues, skin,
  • vitamins B6 and K – have a beneficial effect on the composition of the blood, improve the metabolism of the main ingredients of the complex, increase their effectiveness and bioavailability.

Benefits of Ostrovit Flex-Regen :

  • Convenient release form
  • Comprehensive protection
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Safe and effective.

How to use?

It is recommended to take a serving of 20 grams, mixed in 100-150 ml of water or juice, taken once a day.

The drug has no side effects, however, we strongly do not recommend that you independently exceed the dosage indicated in the instructions on the package.