OstroVit D.A.A, 200 grams is a high-quality sports supplement that ensures the intake of D-aspartic acid in the body. The drug stimulates the secretion of the anabolic hormone testosterone, which allows you to increase strength and quickly build muscle mass. The supplement makes the body more resilient to physical stress, increasing its performance during strength training.

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Purpose of OstroVit D.A.A:

  • increased sexual activity and improved sex life
  • stimulates the production of the main male hormone testosterone
  • the endurance threshold increases, which leads to an increase in the duration of the training
  • increased secretion of major anabolic hormones
  • builds muscle mass

Active ingredients of OstroVit D.A.A:

The basis of the sports supplement contains D-aspartic acid in its pure form. The supplement stimulates the secretion of growth hormone and the anabolic hormone testosterone. In its action, the drug is similar to a testosterone booster, but unlike it, the supplement is not addictive. Acid stimulates the transmission of nerve impulses and regulates the central nervous system. The additive is distinguished by excellent digestibility and good solubility due to its content in powder form. The drug ensures the achievement of the desired goals, as it stimulates an increase in strength and endurance threshold. It also replenishes the balance of energy and nutrients in the body.Optimal conditions are created to maintain an anabolic state for several hours. The supplement allows you to improve the motivation, mood and well-being of the athlete during high-impact training sessions. Maintaining an optimal testosterone level allows you to improve post-workout recovery, accelerate the growth and development of muscles, increase sex drive and simply improve a man's life.

Benefits of OstroVit D.A.A:

  • the supplement is not addictive
  • removes toxic substances from the body
  • increase the energy capacity of the body
  • is easy to digest
  • increased metabolic rate

How to use OstroVit D.A.A: The supplement must be taken every day, one to two servings per day. To prepare a sports drink, you need to dissolve a measuring scoop of the powder in 200 ml of water or juice. Optimal time of reception: the first portion – before breakfast, and the second – half an hour before the start of the training session or at bedtime.