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Oxandrolone Balkan is a steroid that is very popular in bodybuilding and powerlifting. The manufacturer of this drug is Balkan Pharma.

It should be noted that today not only men, but also female athletes seek to buy oxandrolone from the Balkans: this is one of the few drugs allowed for them.

The recipient can expect:

– increase in anabolic background,

– set of muscle tissue,

– excellent fat burning effect,

– no rollback after course cancellation.

For many athletes, it is important that when using oxandrolone in the Balkans, without increasing dosages, one can not be afraid of manifestations of aromatization. That is why the connection of tamoxifen to the course is not required. The duration of anabolic action in the body is 8-12 hours.

It is recommended to start the course with 20 mg daily, gradually increasing the dose to 80 mg, while dividing the dosage into two equal parts and taking them, for example, in the morning and evening. For women, the maximum daily dosage is 40 mg.

It should be noted that most often the drug is used to eliminate subcutaneous fat, but oxandrolone Balkan reviews indicate that even on a solo course, you can gain muscle tissue, which will be of excellent quality.