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Stanover is one of the most popular representatives of Vermoge anabolic steroids, after methane, it ranks second in black market sales among sports pharmacology in Ukraine.

The composition of the drug includes stanazolol, stan or vinyl, which was previously successfully used in veterinary medicine. The drug has a high anabolic activity – about 320% of testosterone. With a properly selected diet, it allows you to quickly gain up to five kilograms of lean muscle mass. When using this tool, endurance increases, excess fluid is removed, fat is burned, the strength and relief of the muscles are significantly increased.

However, as with any drug, Stanover has some side effects. So, when removing excess fluid and increasing the working weights, there is a chance of injury. If there are problems in the joints, it is necessary to stop taking it.

Stanover is indispensable in bodybuilding, where nandrolones and trenbolones are present. In addition, it lowers the level of globulins that bind sex hormones, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the drugs, which are used in combination with stanazolol.