Sustanon is a drug that was developed for hormone replacement therapy, but has found use in the sports environment. Application Sustanon is an effective mixture of various esters of one testosterone hormone. The drug was created by Organon for hormone replacement therapy with a low level of testosterone secretion. It was created for use in medicine, but has become widespread in the sports environment. Athletes appreciated the useful properties of Sustaver, as well as the convenience of its use. It is worth buying Sustanon to increase muscle mass and increase libido. It is important to consider that the price of the drug is not very high compared to similar products. On the modern market, you can find many drugs with an effect that is similar to Sustanon. Often these products turn out to be fake, so it is better to purchase them from trusted suppliers. Useful properties Sustaretard is characterized by many positive characteristics: Increase in muscle mass up to 6 kg per month, Anti-catabolic effect, Increase in the number of red blood cells, which contribute to the saturation of muscle tissue with oxygen, Increase in testosterone in the body, and, accordingly, sexual desire. Useful properties determined the popularity of Sustanon or, as it is also called, Tetrasterone. The side effect of Sustanon is accompanied by the manifestation of negative properties. Here are some of them: Fat relations according to the female type, Puffiness, Acne, Baldness, Prostate hypertrophy, Gynecomastia, Decreased testosterone levels after completing the course of taking the drug.Features of the application Testasterone is retained in the athlete's blood for 3 months. The steroid is taken together with other drugs that allow you to achieve a qualitative result, as well as reduce the risk of side effects. The course of taking Sustanon is designed for 10 weeks.