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Anabolic Boldenon (Boldenone) was developed for veterinary medicine and is a derivative of "methane" – methandrostenolone. But the resulting steroid has a different set of properties from the original version.

From a chemical point of view, this is an ordinary testosterone molecule, with a reduced androgenic effect due to an additional bond between carbon atoms.

The drug Boldenone (Boldenone) acts softer than the classic AAC, but it cannot be said that it is weaker than them. Theoretically, it is quite powerful, but practically surpasses only such a tool as Nandrolone. It should be borne in mind that the latter has a progesterone effect, and Boldenone is actually testosterone.

The impact of the drug Boldenone (Boldenon) on the athlete

Basically, all forms of medication are used for a qualitative increase in muscle mass. The result will not appear as quickly as in the courses of other anabolics, but the muscles are outlined more clearly. Boldenone (Boldenone) is activated for a long time in the body, but it acts longer. Therefore, the cycle of this AAC is approximately 10 weeks.

It is not toxic to the liver, but is excreted for a long time, up to 5 months. Bodybuilders note a noticeable increase in appetite. If the athlete harmonizes his diet, then the drug is optimal for the drying course: the number of muscles will increase, but most importantly, they will be clearly and beautifully outlined.

Buy Boldenone (Boldenon) in Ukraine and around the world, they prefer because of the indicator that it is weaker than pure testosterone, but powerlifters consider it a good option: the product has low estrogenic and progestogenic properties, and gives a minimum of side effects.Musculature improves primarily qualitatively, not quantitatively. In addition, Boldenon (Boldenone) has a positive effect on the circulatory system, saturates the cells with oxygen.

Average dosages of Boldenone (Boldenone)

This drug requires higher dosages and long-term use. If you use small amounts, there will be no effect even for novice athletes, if you exceed the allowable limit of 800 mg, you should not expect better results. Thus, you can start with a weekly injection of 400 mg, no less. For experienced weightlifters, a dose of 700-800 mg is acceptable. The cycle of this AAC should last from two months, otherwise there will be no well-marked effect.

You can reduce the duration of the course if you use additional drugs based on trenbolone and testosterone. At the end of the cycle, it is recommended to use hormonal stimulants.