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In a beautiful red bottle with the inscription Mastaged (Mastaged) hides drostanolone propionate from the Chinese manufacturer of sports pharmacology – Golden Dragon.

Mastaged is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, therefore drostanolone propionate is a highly androgenic drug with a low anabolic index. The drug is produced both in 1 ml ampoules and in 10 ml vials. The active substance in one milliliter is 100 mg.


Mastaged is one of the most popular steroids among representatives of not only bodybuilding but also other sports disciplines – swimmers, runners and martial arts representatives. Mastaged is able to increase the strength and endurance of the rapid growth of muscle mass.

In bodybuilding, Mastaged is traditionally used for cutting, and directly in pre-competitive training. The use of drostanolone propionate from Golden Dragon allows you to remove excess water from the body, since drostanolone is a moderate diuretic. Masteged will give your muscles the elasticity, rigidity and definition of muscle fibers, which is so necessary before the competition. The usual dosage of Mastaged is 300-500 mg. in Week. Injections of the drug are performed every other day, since the half-life of drostanolone is 2 days.

Drostanolone propionate from HD is most well combined with steroids with a high anabolic index – winstrol (stanazol), oxandrolone, trenbolone and boldenone.


Drostanolone propionate from Golden Dragon does not aromatize, that is, on the course you will avoid estrogenic side effects, gynecomastia, fullness, and water retention.Drostanolone itself is a weak aromatase inhibitor. But since Masteged is an androgen, androgen-dependent side effects may appear.

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