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Equipoise 400 SP laboratories description and effect of boldenone

Boldenone 400 differs from regular sustanon in its concentration: there is twice as much active ingredient per milliliter – 400 mg/ml instead of the usual 200 mg/ml. Boldenone (aka “bold” in athlete jargon) was originally developed for veterinary purposes, and more specifically for building mass in racehorses. It is strong in action and at the same time slightly aromatic.

A big plus of boldenone is that it can be included in both the mass gain course and the fat burning course.

It also represents a kind of golden mean among the steroids available to us today.

All athletes who have come across sports. pharmacists know that deca (nadrolone decanoate) is one of the main drugs for weight gain, but boldenone gives almost the same effect and at the same time is spared from many side effects of retabolil.

For what wrestlers, swimmers and boxers actually loved him, he lowers the production of his own testosterone to a much lesser extent.

Due to its low androgenic activity, it is often used by women.

Boldenone 400 SP Laboratories course how to take

The preferred dosage is between 300 and 800 mg per week.

You will achieve maximum results in weight gain if you combine "bold" with any of the long testosterone esters (entanate, sustanon, cypionate). If you decide to drastically gain weight, add methandienone 30-40 mg per day to this kit (or turinabol at a dosage of 40 mg per day) and take a course of 8 weeks.

An excellent course for mass testing. Entanat 500 mg per week 500 mg of bold per week and add methandrostenolone 40 mg per day, duration 8 weeks.After such a course, it is imperative to do PCT with the participation of tamoxifen and it is advisable to keep anastrozole on hand, since such a powerful drug as entanate is used, there is a risk of side effects.

For wrestlers and boxers who decide to gain some muscle mass, such a cycle of 400 mg of bold per week and 30-40 mg of turinabol per day, for 8 weeks, will be ideal. After finishing drinking tamoxifen, the first 10 days at 20 mg per day and then at 10 mg for two weeks and 4-5 quality kilograms are provided to you, which will remain after the course.