Winstrol (stanozolol) is one of the relatively inexpensive and most popular anabolic steroids. In addition, it is included in the group of the safest drugs. Winstrol does not give such side effects as, for example, water retention in the body, and helps to build high-quality muscle mass.

The main properties of Sciroxx (Syroks) Stanodex 50 (Stanodeks 50):
– a set of high-quality muscles

– burning subcutaneous fat

– does not aromatize

– improvement of relief of muscles

– development of explosive strength and endurance

Half-life – 1 day

Optimal dosage – 50 mg / day

Course duration – 6 weeks

Examples of steroid cycles using Winstrol:
Cycle for beginners:
25mg – 50mg per day Winstrol – 6-8 weeks.

PCT – one day after the last Winstrol injection

The result should be 3-4 kg of dry meat gained during the course, there is a high risk of injuring the joints, therefore, on such a course of Winstrol, and on any course using Winstrol, we advise you to take omega fats, chondroprotectors in parallel, well, be careful with large scales.

Cycle for lean muscle mass:
50mg every other day Winstrol – 6-8 weeks.

50-100 mg every other day Testosterone Propionate – 6-8 weeks.

PCT – three days after the last injection of testosterone propionate

Testosterone propionate will help lubricate the joints and provide androgenic support to the body.

Cycle for advanced athletes:
75mg – 100mg every other day Trenbolone Acetate – 6 weeks

100mg per day Winstrol – 6 weeks

50-100mg Testosterone Propionate every other day – 6 weeks.

PCT – three days after the last injection of testosterone propionate

We also want to note that stanozolol in conjunction with propionate is ideal for the so-called "outputs" from "long" courses, i.e. after the abolition of long-acting drugs, you can use those 2-3 weeks during which the residual active substance in the blood will still work, continuing to have a minimal anabolic effect and suppress the endogenous test.

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