The original purpose of the drug Testosterone Undecanoate is to treat a disease such as physical inactivity, which consists in a weak production of natural testosterone. But, more often today it is bought precisely for sports purposes to build muscle mass, increase physical strength indicators, and also to strengthen the skeletal system. All these indicators are very important for many athletes, mainly with regard to athletes of the power category, as well as bodybuilders.

Although, it is worth noting that despite all such positive effects, everyone who decides to buy Testosterone Undecanoate (Testosterona U from Balkan Pharmaceuticals) needs to understand that improper use of this drug can cause side effects, among which are noted such as: baldness on head, excessive growth of body hair, excessive irritability and aggressiveness, as well as increased blood pressure. Such side effects are also fairly standard for anabolic steroids of this kind.

With all this, in order for the use of Testosterona U (Testosterone Undecanoate) to be as safe as possible, it should be used according to the recommendations of a professional, and such a professional should be a private trainer of the person who uses such a steroid course.

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