Canada peptides Gonadorelin, when ingested, enhances the production of endogenous testosterone. With active sports in the blood, there should be a high level of growth hormone and testosterone. Healthy peptides are used to increase hormone levels naturally without the use of anabolic steroids and other drugs with strong side effects. Our company, as an official distributor in Ukraine, offers you to buy Canada peptides Gonadorelin in Kyiv.

Advantages and features of Gonadorelin

Before the active use of peptides in sports, bodybuilders often took synthetic testosterone. If you decide to buy Canada Peptides Gonadorelin in Kyiv, then your body, when taking it, will begin to synthesize more of its own testosterone. The difference between these options is as follows:

  • no aromatization process
  • no water retention in the body
  • there is no reason for the formation of estrogens, which then have to be fought.

Judging by the reviews of athletes and specialists, this type of peptide may be of interest:

  • those who do not want to mess with anabolic steroids
  • athletes who need a "bridge" between courses of drugs
  • for post-cycle therapy.

The use of peptides is almost impossible to detect in doping controls.

How to take Gonadorelin

This drug is taken by subcutaneous injection. The contents of the vial are preliminarily diluted in one milliliter of water for injection. After that, using an insulin syringe, the injection is carried out under the skin.For each specific person, not only the prices for Canada peptides Gonadorelin are important, but also the correctly calculated dose. Experts recommend taking 1 micron per 1 kg of weight. You can use a maximum of 2 microns per 1 kg of the athlete's weight, but this dosage is used extremely rarely. Often in the recommendations they call the universal dosage of 100 microns, that is, the daily norm is 300 microns for an athlete. The cost of Gonadorelin Peptide is quite low, so it is often ordered in Kyiv and other settlements.