Growtropin is one of the recombinant growth hormones with a standard set of amino acids. It is 100% similar to human. Our online store offers high-quality and highly purified preparations that have proven their effectiveness. Growtropin growth hormone was created in Korea specifically for the treatment of dwarf children, therefore it has an excellent quality of a pharmacy drug, while having an excellent price for 160 units instead of the usual 100 IU.

When is Growtropin used?

  • Need a quality weight gain – the hormone helps to increase the dry mass of muscles with minimal rollback.

  • It is necessary to reduce the volume of subcutaneous deposits – the drug is an effective fat burner, activates the metabolism and allows you to get rid of accumulated deposits.

  • Want to take your workouts to the next level? – the hormone increases immunity, improves memory and vision, positively affects the condition of ligaments and bones, increases strength and endurance.

  • To improve appearance and well-being – the drug reduces wrinkles, improves the condition of the skin, makes the drawing of muscles more clear. In addition, Hygetropin increases libido.

A growth hormone Growtropin – we will deliver to any region as soon as possible!