Dosage, dilution, injection and storage

You have studied the properties, side effects and action of the growth hormone Jintropin, decided to buy and, perhaps, have already received a long-awaited order. How to practically apply the drug, how much to inject and where, how not to spoil a single microgram of growth hormone – you will learn from this article.

What is required for injections?

  • 100 U (100UI) Insulin Syringes for Injection – Do not confuse units with divisions!
  • Sterile or bactericidal water for dilution. Sterile can be bought at a pharmacy, bactericidal can be ordered from us (they sell it by prescription).
  • For breeding – syringes with a long needle.
  • Cotton pads and alcohol or alcohol wipes for skin treatment and ampoules.

How to breed?

  • For dilution, use only bactericidal or sterile water for injection. If the diluted growth hormone needs to be stored for more than 24 hours, bactericidal water is preferable.
  • Do not pour water directly onto the powder. Hold the syringe so that the water runs down the side of the ampoule or vial.
  • Do not shake or shake the dissolved peptide! This will reduce its effectiveness. To completely dissolve the drug, slowly and carefully rotate the ampoule.

How to calculate the dosage?

  • The effective dose of growth hormone Jintropin for the average athlete is 10 UI (international units) 1 time per day. In case of side effects, it is possible to use 10 units of Jintropin every other day.
  • There is also an option to calculate the dosage depending on the weight of the athlete. The recommended dose is 0.6 units per 1 kg of body weight per week. That is, for an athlete weighing 100 kg, 60 units of Jintropin per week are needed. They must be divided by the number of days.With daily intake, this is 8.5 units of the drug daily, when used three times a week – 20 units.
  • It is not advisable to use Jintropin for a course of less than 6 weeks. The optimal duration of the course, which allows you to achieve a real and lasting effect, is 2-3 months. With a reduced dosage, a shorter duration of the course, you risk simply throwing money away.
  • Jintropin injections: instruction

    • Inject the drug subcutaneously with an insulin syringe at a 45-degree angle.
    • The best place for injections is the abdominal area, 6-8 centimeters from the navel. Periodically change the injection site so as not to cause local degeneration of adipose tissue.
    • Jintropin should be injected slowly, about 10 seconds per injection.
    • It is optimal to inject at night or divide the daily dose into 2-3 doses to maintain a stable level of growth hormone in the blood.


    Jintropin, both in dry and diluted form, should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2-8 degrees Celsius. A shelf away from the freezer or a refrigerator door will do.

    Where to order and buy Jintropin?

    Buy Jintropin only in trusted online stores! Due to the high demand for the drug, its fakes are common. To check the originality of Jintropin, you need to carefully cut the sticker on the edge of the box and wipe the gray stripe on the sticker. Below it is a security code that can be checked on the manufacturer's website. But the best guarantee will be a trusted supplier.

    Buying Jintropin in our store, you will receive a 100% original drug that will allow you to achieve the best sports results. We have reduced the price of Jintropin as much as possible to make it affordable for those who are interested in achieving the maximum effect.