We bring to your attention a recombinant growth hormone from Pfizer Labs called Genotropin. Buying this drug is primarily for those athletes who want to achieve an increase in the growth rate of muscle mass, regardless of what kind of innate genetic predisposition to this process they have.

Today, in the field of sports pharmacology, growth hormones such as Genotropin create quite significant competition with anabolic steroids, which are also taken to accelerate muscle growth, and all because drugs such as Genotropin also have anabolic activity, against the background of other benefits that can be achieved. growth hormones. In particular, this is the strengthening of the skeletal system and the active burning of excess body fat in places that are not suitable for this. Thus, the muscle mass gained with Genotropin is of high quality, and the athlete himself can achieve results by applying heavy loads during training without fear of injuring the joints.

The course of the drug Genotropin

Before you buy Genotropin, we recommend consulting with a private trainer who should evaluate your physical fitness and your capabilities, and, after listening to your wishes for the result, draw up an effective course of growth hormone use that will be effective in one case or another.

Typically, the duration of a training course using Genotropin can range from one and a half months to three to four months. It also depends on the experience in using such drugs and on the goal set in training.Such long training courses where Genotropin is used are not a novelty for those athletes who have already used recombinant growth hormone in their practice, since against the background of safety of use, such drugs work for quite a long time, but the quality of the result is worth it and reviews about Genotropin from many athletes who have already tried it for personal purposes.

In our sports pharmacology store you can always buy Genotropin at the lowest possible price in Ukraine. Trust the professionals and we will not let you down, selling you only high-quality, proven "working" drugs, such as Genotropin, the effect of which will certainly correspond to the declared one if used correctly on the course.