Canada Peptides Peg MGF is used in both amateur and professional sports in bodybuilding. The drug is a kind of insulin-like growth factor. Thanks to the use of the peptide: cell growth in muscle tissues is enhanced, in addition, dormant cells are hypertrophied.

Those who are going to buy Peg MGF in Kyiv should know what the abbreviations mean in the name of the substance. The word "Peg" indicates that the substance has undergone pegylation, which prevents the substance from being quickly destroyed in the body. Due to the too rapid disintegration, peptides have not been used for a long time. MGF is an abbreviation of English words that translate as mechanical growth factor.

Buy Canada Peptides Peg MGF is for those athletes who seek:

  • Build Lean Muscle, Reduce Body Fat,
  • Increase the level of endurance
  • Improve blood circulation in the muscles.

Prices for Canada Peptides Peg MGF in Ukraine and Kyiv are different. Products of foreign companies are considered to be of high quality. For reliability, it is better to contact the official distributor, this will avoid counterfeit or defective goods.

Peculiarities of using Peg MGF

According to athletes, subcutaneous injections are effective, they are made in the abdomen. This allows the drug to maintain the maximum concentration in the blood as long as possible, and, consequently, the anabolic effect is longer.

Despite the fact that the cost of the substance is low, you should not abuse the application.

The daily norm of the mechanical growth factor is 100-200 mcg. But at the same time, the injections themselves are performed 2 to 3 times a week.The injection is best done after training to increase the effectiveness of the mechanical growth factor. The course should not exceed 6 weeks, and at the first "acquaintance" with the drug, it is better to limit it to 5 weeks.

It is worth remembering that this substance does not apply to topical preparations, therefore, injecting it into the target muscles is not so much wrong as completely ineffective. However, injections can be made intramuscularly – in the buttocks. For this, an insulin syringe is used.