HGH Somatropin
HGH Somatropin is an artificially synthesized human growth hormone with a similar effect on the body. The drug is manufactured by the well-known pharmaceutical company Geopharm, whose production is located in China. At the latitudes of the domestic market, it has now become possible to buy HGH Somatropin, which is available in a dosage of 10 units per vial (the most relevant and common dosage among athletes), because it appeared in Ukraine not so long ago, and our store was one of the first to supply this growth hormone!

HGH Somatropin Course
This hormone is likely to show both positive and negative effects on the human body – all in strict interdependence with the dose taken. In this regard, before you start using this course of HGH Somatropin and buy the drug, you should definitely get qualified advice from a trainer or a doctor.

With a rational selection of the dosage and duration of the course, you can be sure of such achievements as:

Accumulation of unwanted fat is reduced,
The efficiency of the organs of perception becomes many times better,
There is a significant strengthening of the immune system,
Healing of skin wounds and diseases will occur faster,
The muscles will be built up qualitatively and in large quantities,
The level of libido is significantly increased,
Hair looks well-groomed, thick and healthy looking.
To be sure that you will get an excellent result in muscle building, and at the same time get rid of problematic unnecessary kilograms, we advise you to mix HGH Somatropin 100 units with insulin or anabolic steroid drugs.

In this case, a portion of the drug can be approximately 10-15 IU for 24 hours. The solution is administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously. It is strongly discouraged to inject it into the same place systematically and at the same time you should make sure that the drug you are using is HGH Somatropin original.