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Description of ZPHC OXANDROLONE 20mg/50tab
Class: synthetic anabolic steroid
Dosage form: tablets for oral use
Anabolic effect: 400% or more testosterone
Androgenic: 25% of testosterone
Conversion to estrogens: none
Hepatotoxicity: low
Effect duration: up to 12 hours
Time of presence in the body: about 45 days
Fluid retention: no
Oxandrolone ZHENGZHOU PHARMACEUTICAL 50 tab20mg is a synthetic steroid drug with high testosterone activity and low androgenic activity. It is used by bodybuilding and powerlifting athletes for relief, increasing muscle strength and normalizing weight indicators.
pharmachologic effect

Oxandrolone ZHENGZHOU PHARMACEUTICAL 50 tab20mg was developed as a medicine for the treatment of anemia, bone strengthening and rehabilitation of patients after burns. It has also been used to treat HIV-infected people. Later, the drug began to be used in bodybuilding and powerlifting (powerlifting).
Oxandrolone, unlike other anabolic substances, is not used to increase muscle mass. The main effect of the use of Oxandrolone is a positive effect on the relief and hardness of the muscles. Oxandrolone increases the production of growth hormone (somatotropin).
Oxandrolone also helps to burn excess body fat and increase muscle strength. athletes with sufficient muscle
Course application and dosage

The course of Oxandrolone for relief formation lasts 6-8 weeks. The drug begins to take 20 mg per day, dividing the intake by 2 times.After 7 days, the dosage should be increased to 40 mg (maximum – up to 80). If there are no adverse reactions, the course continues for another 5 or 6 weeks.
For maximum results, you should follow a special diet with the use of sports supplements for relief.
After the end of the course, it is recommended to take Tamoxifen for 2 weeks – this restores the level of natural testosterone in the body.