Pack of 40 capsules 20 mg
Course – 4-8 weeks
Recommended dosage:
For men: 2-3 capsules
For women: 1-2 capsules
During the day, it is worth taking in equal parts, at regular intervals.

Steroid Profile

Anabolic activity – 400% of testosterone
Androgenic activity – 25% of testosterone
Aromatization (conversion to estrogen) – no
Toxicity to the liver – moderate / weak
Method of administration – inside (in capsules)
Half-life – 8-12 hours
Detection time – up to 60 days

Effects of oxandrolone:

– Increasing the relief and hardness of the muscles
-Increase in muscle mass (if you follow a diet to gain m. mass)
– Burning fat (when following a diet for weight loss)
-Increase in strength (with power loads)
-Increased endurance (with aerobic and anaerobic loads)
-Increased levels of growth hormone

Contraindications: liver disease, pregnancy

Oxarol has found its place when used between cycles of muscle building drugs, as it also has a very strong anti-catabolic effect, preventing the activation of cortisor receptors. Thus, Oxandrolone is excellent for maintaining muscle mass, including during the period of preparation for competitions, as well as for burning subcutaneous fat, by increasing the number of androgen receptors in adipose tissue.