Parabolan buy has similarities with finaject, since they have the same basic substance trenbolone. Parabolan buy Ukraine, very powerful, anabolic with strong androgenic properties. Parabolan price, unlike many other steroids with a strong androgenic effect, does not aromatize.
How to use:
Experience shows that the greatest effect can be obtained when taking one ampoule Parabolan price Kyiv every 2 days. Those interested in the quality of muscles use a combination: 76 mg of parabolan + 25 mg of oxandrolone, to increase the mass: 76 mg of parabolan + 30 mg of dianabol.
The effect:
Parabolan does not provoke water retention in the tissues at all, which makes it an excellent tool for preparing for competitions. At the same time, it shows great effectiveness, especially when combined with a high-protein diet. When an athlete reaches a low fat threshold with the help of a low-calorie diet, parabolan gives tangible muscle hardness. Due to the strong androgenic properties, there is no feeling of overtraining, recovery is accelerated. Muscles after a course of parabolan, look full and sharply defined. Parabolan Kyiv buy, especially in combination with oxandrolone, it gives a powerful increase in strength, and since parabolan does not cause water retention in the body, there is no sharp increase in weight, but high-quality muscles grow. The combination of parabolan with injections of vinistrol is especially effective. In addition to the increase in high-quality muscle mass, it gives an increase in strength.
Side effects:
Possible side effects: effects on the kidneys, inhibition of own testosterone. For better tolerance of trenbolone by the kidneys, it is necessary to drink about 2-3 liters of water per day in addition.