Pharma Test P100 Pharmacom is an analogue of testosterone and stimulates cell receptors, causing intense anabolism. Testosterone Propionate does not cause rapid weight gain, but practically does not retain fluid: athletes use this feature of the drug in pre-competition training to stabilize weight, burn subcutaneous fat and build high-quality relief muscles. Often Testosterone Propionate is taken in conjunction with other anabolics.
Testosterone propionate acts on the genetic mechanisms of the cell nucleus and positively affects the nitrogen balance in the body. The drug helps to restore muscle tissue, causing hyperplasia – an increase in the number of new muscle cells.

Propionate helps athletes quickly rehabilitate after exertion and is quickly eliminated from the body. The drug increases strength, endurance and reduces the risk of heart disease (in particular, ischemia).

Application and dosage

Pharma Test P100 Pharmacom is used as a course of 4 to 6 weeks. For novice athletes who have not yet used steroids, it is recommended to administer a single dose of 50 mg every second day. Experienced athletes can consume up to 100 mg daily.

With Testosterone Propionate, it is recommended to use (starting from the second week of the course) antiestrogen drugs to eliminate the risk of gynecomastia and other side effects. It is also desirable to carry out post-cycle therapy after the end of the course.

Side effect

Testosterone Propionate does not cause negative effects on the liver and kidneys. Sometimes there is local inflammation at the injection site.

Pharma Test P100 Pharmacom is an inexpensive and effective drug that is well-deservedly popular with experienced bodybuilders, but is also suitable for beginner athletes.