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STANOZOLOL 10mg100tab (Stanozolol) LJ is a tablet anabolic drug, one of the most popular in bodybuilding. Used by athletes to shape the relief and dry the body.

Pharmacological action of Stanozolol ZPHC Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical

Stanozolol is available in the form of tablets (100 pieces per pack). It is used to gain muscle mass, as well as a drug that contributes to the formation of a beautiful embossed body and the drawing of muscles. In addition, Stanozolol accelerates the process of burning excess fat, so it is also used to dry the body.

Initially, the tool was used only in medicine to restore patients who were exposed to radiation or have burns of varying degrees. As an effective anabolic Stanozolol was recognized only in the early eighties. Since that time, the drug has been actively used by bodybuilders and other athletes.

Stanozolol has the following positive qualities:

  • increases strength and endurance,
  • promotes good appetite,
  • removes excess moisture from tissues,
  • reduces the amount of globulin in the blood stream (thanks to this, drugs taken together with Stanozolol act much more actively).

ZPHC Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Stanozolol Usage and Doses

If the drug is taken as a separate course in order to increase strength indicators and obtain a beautiful relief body, then the most effective daily dose should be 30 mg. The duration of the course should not exceed 8 weeks.

Stanozolol is also used in combination with other drugs.If you need to prepare for competitions or lose excess body weight, then it is used in conjunction with Trenbolone. If you need to build muscle mass, then combine with Danabol or Anadrol. However, it should be borne in mind that the combination of Stanozolol with strong androgens leads to a decrease in the estrogenic effect.

The drug also has side effects. They can occur if the indicated doses are exceeded. In this case, joint pains appear, pressure rises, testosterone production is inhibited. Myocardial hypertrophy may also occur, but only in extremely rare cases.