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Turinabol is an oral androgenic anabolic steroid that is essentially a milder form of methandrostenolone. From a chemical point of view, the differences lie in the extra chlorine atom on the fourth carbon atom. Such an insignificant and hardly understood difference, but what enormous differences it carries! Turik has a fairly strong anabolic activity, which equates to 180% of testosterone, while androgenic activity is only 50%. For comparison, methane has an anabolic index of 200%, and an androgenic index of 50%. But the key difference is not in this, but in the fact that methane aromatizes, while turinabol does not.

The absence of aromatization on the course of turinabol does not allow to achieve pronounced hypertrophy, but on the other hand, since the drug does not “flood with water”, the resulting mass is more rigid, and the rollback phenomenon is softer. This, by the way, does not mean that the turik can be taken for “drying”, since a small accumulation of water is still possible. We are talking about “drying”, that is, preparing for the championship, and not about banal weight loss, which everyone has now proudly called “drying”. For you to understand, “drying” is when the muscles on the ass are split, and not when the abs are slightly visible. These are fundamentally different physical states, the process of achieving which differs, like the first and 99 levels in Tetris. Yes, the principle is the same, yes, in order to pass level 99, you need to go through level 1, but these are different processes that require different efforts.

Back to turinabol…its “softness” makes it easy for bodybuilders to pop it like seeds, especially since the drug is taken orally.This is a big plus, since turik is a short ether, so you need to take it several times a day. Since the drug contains a methyl group in the 17alpha position, it has a toxic effect on the liver. In general, Turinabol is considered a "soft" steroid, but you must understand that there are no "soft" and "heavy" steroids. All steroids, without exception, have a negative effect on the liver, stimulating the development of cancer, all suppress the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis, all, sooner or later, lead to gynecomastia, acne, baldness and other joys.

If you have made your choice and decided to take steroids, then taking turinabol is not the worst decision. The drug is not expensive, effective, goes well with other AAS, in addition, there is a way to check the quality of turik at home. Did you study chemistry at school? Then use the Beilstein method, but be careful, these Jews never miss their 2%. If you were a loser, like me, then pick up an alcohol lamp, copper wire and, in fact, the sample of turinabol itself. Turik will need to be crushed to a homogeneous powder, then bend the end of the wire, which is fired in an alcohol lamp, after which the powder is poured into it. When you bring the powder to the flame, it should intensify and become greenish. If the flame gives off green, the turk is real.

Duration: 6-12 weeks, in fact, as with methandrostenolone, since turik is a short ester, which is suitable for both long and short courses.

Doses: 40mg per day to 100mg per day, although the pros sometimes go well over 100, but this is the lot of very big guys claiming titles.

Dosage frequency: daily, preferably 2-3 times a day, since the ester is short, so the peak concentration of AAS in the blood occurs after 3-4 hours, and the half-life is 16 hours.

Compote: taking turinabol is combined with a large number of drugs, as a rule, these are long esters, well, and the favorite combination of security officials is turik and enanthate.