Domestic ascetics, accustomed to water-pressurized testosterone and methane, who managed to get attached to dexamethasone and insulin with their souls, who fell in love with every cell of their vast carcasses pharmacy Retabolil and the “soviet” protein “Atlant”, always treated everything new with distrust and apprehension. However, the injectable form of stanozolol was to our liking, competing bodybuilders and amateur athletes appreciated all the advantages of this anabolic steroid.
In the West, Winstrol began to be widely used in professional sports in the 80s, and the active substance itself was first obtained in the early 60s by Sterling (USA). Winstrol is a brand name for the chemical stanozolol (a derivative of dihydrotestosterone). The drug is an aqueous suspension of stanozolol. Stanazolol is also available in oral form. There is absolutely no difference between oral and injectable stanozolol – they are the same drug. So, if in your "first aid kit" there is an injectable version of the steroid and you do not like frequent injections, you can safely simply drink the contents of the ampoules. Although when administered intramuscularly, the effectiveness of stanozolol is still much higher.
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The half-life of this anabolic is several hours. Such a short "half-life" is associated with the pharmacokinetics of Winstrol. As soon as the crystals of the active substance enter the bloodstream and dissolve, the level of stanozolol in the blood increases with the speed of an explosion and “fades out” just as quickly.Winstrol does not aromatize, therefore does not lead to the accumulation of water in the user's body and is an ideal preparation for preparing for BB competitions. Stanozolol in its anabolic manifestations is much brighter and more active than in androgenic ones, although it is a close relative of dihydrotestosterone (the Winstrol molecule contains one more benzene ring). Stanozolol is able to interact with androgen receptors at the microsomal level (i.e., with androgen receptors located inside the "fragments" – microsomes formed during cell division, often such receptors are called microsomal receptors – MP). Such attachment of adipose tissue to MP can significantly enhance the process of lipolysis. In combination with trenbolone, which also has pronounced fat burning abilities, stanozolol is able to give an excellent effect.

Application, combination and other important information

For many years, the Winstrol course has been successfully used in various sports. Initially, representatives of "light" sports disciplines drew their attention to this unique medication. Stanozolol is the most common AS among runners, swimmers, fighters and chess players. This is evidenced by the chronicle of doping testing. Over the past two decades, it was this anabolic that was found more often than other steroids in doping tests. A huge number of athletes were caught using the Winstrol course and disqualified. Due to the positive result of a doping test for stanozolol, many athletes were deprived of titles, regalia and won records, after which a further sports career was impossible.However, the risk that athletes taking stanozolol took was justified by the amazing results and unimaginable effectiveness of this steroid. Stanaz in a very short time made the athlete stronger, faster and more enduring without a noticeable increase in weight. In the wake of athletes and chess players, representatives of purely male sports became interested in winstrol … gradually, the Winstrol course began to penetrate into bodybuilding, gaining new fans among the jocks.
The main advantage of Winstrol tablets is the ability to build high-quality muscles without unnecessary water retention. Stanaza, together with a low-carbohydrate diet and a properly selected training program, can make muscle mass more solid, tough, and embossed. The combined use of Winstrol with other non-aromatizable steroids (trenbolone, for example) turns the shapeless bodies of bodybuilders who have fattened up in the offseason into a kind of Apollo. A competent combination of stanozolol with other AAS helps athletes achieve the deepest relief and ideal muscle separation. Like other steroids, Winstrol is not only a shaper and bodybuilder, but a good assistant in strength progress and endurance work.
All of the above performance characteristics of stanozolol make it indispensable in the pre-competitive training of bodybuilders. This anabolic allows you to "keep" the meat during the so-called "carbohydrate pits" and supports the body during exhausting workouts.The usual practice is the following scheme of preparation for entering the podium: two or three weeks before the competition, the diet is tightened to the maximum and all "oily" steroids are canceled, only drugs that do not hold water at all remain in the bodybuilder's pharmaceutical market, i.e. winstrol tablets and, for example, oxandrolone.

As for the use of stanozolol in other power sports disciplines, this “soft” steroid is less common here. In powerlifting and weightlifting, Winstrol tablets are rarely used and only in combination with testosterone. It is usually injected by athletes seeking to increase their strength without stepping into another weight category.
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Well, now I will move from theory to practice … let's talk about the applied aspect of our knowledge in the field of sports pharmacology. The standard working dosage for the injectable form of stanase is 50-100 mg per day / every other day, if in the case of steroid oils, injections can not be done very often, then in the case of a suspension, another rule works – the more often, the better. Usually, for novice users of Khimki, it is recommended to put Winstrol in tablets of 50 mg every other day, as a rule, this is enough for quite sane progress. For professionals, a dosage of 100mg – 200mg per day is considered normal. As for the tablet version of stanozolol, I would advise sticking to a dosage of 30mg – 50mg per day.

Among bodybuilders, topical stanozolol injections are very popular. such a technique leads to a visual increase in the muscle group into which injections are made (especially for deltoids), and the achieved volume gains remain for a long time.Often, athletes inject testosterone Winstrol into triceps and biceps, wanting to slightly improve the shape of these muscle groups. I strongly advise against injecting Vince into the calves, this is fraught with unbearable pain and the impossibility of full movement in space on two legs. In general, as in the case of testosterone suspension, I recommend changing injection sites more often to reduce the risk of an abscess and increase the body's ability to absorb the active substance in muscle tissues. I must also say that in no case should you mix Winstrol with any other oil-based steroid in the same syringe before injection … I’ll say more, it would be better if you start distributing Winstrol testosterone injections and oils into different muscle groups, because. e. you can, for example, inject the suspension into the ass, and the oil preparation into the hips and shoulders, this will save you from many problems. Before use, the contents of the ampoule must be thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous mass of milky color is obtained, but it is not necessary to shake the bottle, because. this leads to the formation of foam and bubbles. The ampoule should just be gently rolled out, placing it between the palms. You should not put one point more than one milliliter of Winstrol testosterone, it is more expedient to make more injections than to put 2-3 ml of the substance at the same time in the same place. And do not forget that Vince injections are more painful and unpleasant than injections of any other oil. When using a suspension of stanozolol, bumps may appear at the injection site, I described in detail how to deal with this phenomenon in an article on testosterone suspension.

Now I will say a few words about stanase and the level of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG).I do not understand the hype that unfolded around the oral version of Winstrol. It all started with an article by Y. Bombela, which was published several years ago in one of the BB magazines. Speech in this graphomaniac opus was that the additional intake of stanozolol during steroid courses lowers the level of SHBG in the user's body by 50%, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the course. The author referred to studies conducted in Germany in the late 80s of the last century, which revealed this most interesting feature of stanozolol. After this article, along with the magazine, appeared on store shelves, and was also duplicated on several special sites, the level of sales of this multifunctional anabolic increased, bringing good profit to dealers, along with this, there was a tendency in all sports forums on the network to that this hitherto considered useless oral steroid has become one of the most popular and discussed. If you understand this issue and dig deeper, you can stumble upon one very important detail – any steroids lower the level of SHBG. Here are quotes from an article on sex hormone binding globulin (taken from a medical reference book): "The level of SHBG synthesis in the liver depends on sex hormones: estrogens increase, and androgens reduce its production", "The introduction of androgens into the body from the outside is often combined with a reduced level GSPG", etc. etc. That is, taking any AAS will be accompanied by a decrease in SHBG in the subject's body. Additional consumption of stanozolol on a course of steroids seems to me to be an absolutely irrational step, because.the body is already stuffed with androgens / anabolics and the level of SHBG should already be normal, and the addition to the main ammunition in the form of stanase tablets will not change or lower anything. By the way, few people know, but the same studies that stanozolol PR people refer to have affected several more drugs, namely turinabol, proviron and testosterone enanthate. The results of the introduction of these drugs were about the same as in the case of the tablet version of Winstrol – the level of SHBG decreased.

We talked about SHBG, now we need to mention the relationship of stanozolol with progesterone levels. The fact is that very often I heard from reputable people that taking stanozolol together with progestins helps to lower the level of progesterone on the course and make taking such steroids safer. It's hard to say if this is true. But many professionals adhere to the same point of view … others. Luber included. Therefore, I have every reason to reduce this opinion to a “pharmacological axiom” in my article and recommend adding 30-40 mg of stanase per day to your chemarsenal per day … for prevention.
Winstrol, in my opinion, is not a drug for beginner chemists. If in the case of some other AAS (masteron or primobolan, for example), novice chemists and even curling enthusiasts can take it without fear for their health, then winstrol, in my opinion, is the prerogative of professionals, because. this steroid is always used to solve certain problems. Young growth may be limited to the use of other drugs.

At the end of the article, I will dwell in more detail on specific examples of the use of Testosterone Winstrol and its combination with other medicines.

1. Course for chess players: Stanase 30mg – 40mg per day for 6 – 8 weeks. Such a regimen allows you to avoid injections and the use of water-pressure drugs, the result should be 3-4 kg of dry meat gained during the course, and injured joints (I will tell you more about the effect of stanase on the joints in the "side effects" section).

2. An option for former curlers who have already fallen in love with iron, but have not mastered frequent injections: stanase 50 mg per day + propionate 50 mg – 100 mg every other day, the course is designed for 6 – 8 weeks. As a result, you can gain a few kg of high-quality mass and sub-relief.

3. Scheme for advanced chemists who enjoy everyday injections: winstrol 50 mg every other day + propionate 100 mg every other day, also for 6-8 weeks. After such a course, Apollo-like firuga is provided to you, propionate will help to “lubricate” the joints and provide androgenic support to the body.

4. A course for followers of Andreas Müntzer who are maniacally afraid of having a percentage of subcutaneous fat above 5%: trenbolone acetate 75 mg – 100 mg every other day + Winstrol 100 mg per day, course duration – 6 weeks. After six weeks, you will be able to admire thin skin and the deepest relief in the mirror, as well as philosophize and do something that you could not do before due to lack of time, because. nothing will distract you over the next month – you will not be interested in women.

You can write many more different options for courses, the basis for which will be Winstrol, but it makes no sense to do this within the framework of an article limited in volume. Oh yes… I completely forgot to say that stanozolol in conjunction with propionate is ideal for the so-called “outputs” from “long” courses, i.e.after the withdrawal of long-acting drugs, we can wisely use those 2-3 weeks during which the residual active substance in the user's blood will still work, continuing to have a minimal anabolic effect and suppress the endogenous test.

Side effects

Like other similar drugs, stanozolol is 17-alpha alkylated, so it can be hepatotoxic at high doses. I will briefly list all the possible side effects: muscle spasms, high blood pressure, premature baldness, prostate problems, acne, temporary sterility, suppression of the production of one's own sex hormones, problems with joints and ligaments, gynecomastia. Separately, I ask you to pay attention to the fact that as a result of prolonged use, Winstrol can negatively affect the ratio of "good" cholesterol to "bad" cholesterol. This side effect often makes me recommend to beginners to use Masteron instead of Winstrol, which does not increase the level of bad "cholesterol".

Now about everything in more detail. It's no secret that winstrol negatively affects the joints, it dries the interarticular fluid and ligaments. This very part leads to various injuries. This side effect can be minimized if testosterone (propionate, for example) is injected with Winstrol. Testosterone “lubricates” the joints and, as it were, softens the intake of stanozolol. I also advise you to drink glucosamine + handroitin before the course.

M. Klestov offers an interesting method of "lubricating" the joints and anesthesia of injections. In the syringe, along with Winstrol, 1-2 cubes of novocaine for injections of 0.5% are typed. And all this bodyaga is driven into the injection site.I myself have never experienced this method, but the author of the technique claims that Novocaine + Winstrol can protect the joints from “drying out” and make Winstrol injections painless.

The second thing that potential users of stanozolol should pay attention to is the strongest muscle spasms and possible muscle ruptures. With prolonged use of stanase, there is a risk of tearing, especially often this happens during the final part of the preparation for BB competitions. It is impossible to predict such gaps, there are no special sensations in the muscles that would signal that they are about to come off … Very often, athletes are torn even on scales that are far from the maximum.

It is worth mentioning one more unpleasant aspect of the use of Winstrol. With frequent injections, scar tissue gradually forms at the injection sites (this is a common thing when using any suspensions), which complicates the already difficult life of an ordinary chemist. It sometimes comes to the point that the needle simply does not enter the muscle. So change injection sites often. By the way, do not forget that with injections of any suspensions, the risk of having an abscess is higher than when using oils.