Innovative steroid Sustanon FORTE

Sustanon FORTE from SP Laboratories is a popular novelty among steroid drugs. It includes the main active ingredient testosterone, with five different esters for best results. Prolonged action is provided by an ideal combination of esters, which causes the release of the drug into the blood in various terms after its direct administration.

The content of testosterone in 1 ml is 450 mg. The presence of certain esters allows you to maintain a normal level of male sex hormone even after the end of the course of taking Supertest 450. Its main advantage is that its action begins immediately after the administration of the drug and is maintained for quite a long time, up to 4 weeks. The drug is produced in vials of 10 ml. Its distinctive feature is a powerful and effective anabolic effect, which contributes to the construction of muscle material and its preservation for a long time after the end of the Supertest course.

The optimal course of taking the drug of steroid origin is 10 weeks. Courses less than this are not as effective. There are also many proven cycles combined with other anabolic steroids. The drug, like all other testosterone derivatives, has aromatization, that is, conversion to estrogen. Estrogens have a negative impact on the result and on the male body as a whole, therefore, during the use of any testosterone preparation, estrogen inhibitors should be included.

So you can avoid negative consequences, the accumulation of excess fluid and the buildup of fat. Also, gonadotropic drugs are actively used a few weeks before the completion of the course in order to normalize metabolic and hormonal processes. Post-course therapy is carried out with basic drugs a few weeks after the end of the Supertest course. The price of the drug and its long-term preservation in the body makes it more than affordable for professionals and amateurs.