Testosterone Cypionate is the longest form of testosterone known today. The main male hormone has been used in sports practice for a very long time, and not only by men. Its reception allows you to significantly increase the basic physiological indicators, and therefore – to show the best results.

Testosterone cypionate
The greatest popularity and distribution of testosterone cypionate is in America. In fact, it is mainly produced there. But the Balkan companies did not bypass the steroid either. What causes and what does the prolonged effect of cypionate mean? Testosterone sits on the ether and is stored in the fat depot for about a crescent. In this case, the active substance is gradually cleaved into the blood. Such conditions minimize the number of injections, which is very convenient. In principle, there is no big difference between cypionate and enanthate: these two forms are interchangeable, produced exclusively in the form of injections.

Effects of Taking Testosterone Cypionate

Significant increase in muscle mass. During the steroid cycle, there is a sharp hydration of the cells, water accounts for a significant amount of the gained volume. This makes the muscles more beautiful in appearance, but at the same time causes the presence of a rollback phenomenon at the end of the cycle of testosterone cypionate. The accumulated fluid is up to a third of the total weight gain.
Increase in strength indicators.
Stimulation of the production of red blood cells. An increase in the oxygen mass of the blood enables the muscles to work more efficiently, and the endurance of the athlete increases.
Ensuring sexual behavior and spermatogenesis.
Ensuring a positive nitrogen balance (the amount of protein created exceeds the amount of decay).
Improvement of phosphorus metabolism.
Testosterone Cypionate by Watson Pharma USA Steroid Profile

Anabolic effect – 100% of testosterone.
Androgenic effect – 100% of testosterone.
The level of action on the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis axis is significant suppression.
Toxicity to the liver – none.
Conversion to estrogen is high.
Testosterone cypionate (however, like any other form of hormone) acts through anabolic receptors. As a result, their ability to retain nitrogen, the material for creating muscle proteins, is significantly increased.

Testosterone cypionate course

The course of testosterone cypionate The optimal frequency of injections is once a week. Given the long period of action of the steroid, injections can be performed less frequently, but the concentration of the hormone will not be at a constant (optimally high) level. For those interested in gaining muscle mass, the weekly dosage ranges from 250 to 500 milligrams. The solo cycle of testosterone cypionate gives excellent results, and it makes no sense for beginners to include something else. With an increase in dosages above 800 milligrams, the anabolic effect does not increase, which cannot be said about the likelihood and severity of adverse reactions.

The combined course of testosterone cypionate is almost identical to the solo intake. The steroid is best combined with Nandrolone. In this case, the dosage of each substance is approximately 200 milligrams per week. Blocking the effects of estrogens is carried out with the help of Tamoxifen (taken at 10 milligrams daily, starting from the second week of the cycle and ending with the second week after its completion).During the course, it is recommended to use Proviron, which is subsequently replaced by Tamoxifen (to normalize the secretion of one's own testosterone).

Balcan Pharm Testosterone Cypionate Side Effects

A feature of the steroid Testosterone Cypionate is its high level of aromatization. An increase in muscle mass is often accompanied by an excessive level of estrogen, and as a result, gynecomastia, with thickening and swelling of the tissue in the nipple area. This negative reaction is prevented by antiestrogens – Clomid or Nolvadex, as well as aromatase blockers. Side effects from testosterone cypionate are often androgenic in nature, due to the rate of conversion of the hormone to its active form, dihydrotestosterone. It is possible to increase blood pressure, hair growth on the body and face (or vice versa – baldness), an increase in sebum secretion, acne.

Testosterone Cypionate Reviews

The quality of the gained muscle mass is quite high, despite the fact that it is impossible to completely eliminate the rollback phenomenon. Reviews of testosterone cypionate indicate a fairly low incidence of side effects of a different nature, except for excessive fluid accumulation. The steroid is considered to be very effective and equivalent to the more popular enanthate in bodybuilding.

Professional athletes quite often combine the hormone with other steroids, but at the same time advises beginners to avoid such combinations. As for the best manufacturer, testosterone cypionate reviews do not single out a clear leader. It is clear that well-known European and American manufacturers look preferable. But often such companies minimize the dosage and overestimate the price.