The drug Aburaihan Testosterone Enanthate presented on the current page of our website is a product of sports pharmacology produced in Iran and known among professional bodybuilders and athletes as one of the most effective steroids. The main effect of the drug Testosterone Enanthate is aimed at a rapid increase in muscle mass and an increase in endurance during physical exertion. Testosterone Enanthate received its widespread popularity and trust of athletes back in the 80s of the last century, and since then it has not lowered the bar in terms of efficiency and a wide range of effects.

It is recommended to buy Testosterone Enanthate for weightlifters, bodybuilders and professional powerlifters who need a rapid increase in muscle mass, although it is worth noting that many trainers in Ukraine prescribe Testosterone Enanthate during the drying period before competitive events. In addition to the rapid build-up of muscle volume, the steroid is capable of:

  • give relief to the body,
  • increase physical endurance
  • increase libido,
  • burn subcutaneous fat
  • prevent the occurrence of a heart attack and other pathologies of the heart.

Before you buy Testosterone Enanthate (Testosterone Enanthate), you must consider the fact that the steroid has a fairly long-lasting effect. The drug is available as a solution for injection. The minimum dose of steroid should be taken by beginners or people who are not related to professional sports, but who want their workouts in the gym to not be in vain, and a higher dosage is preferable for professional athletes.For Testosterone Enanthate, the price depends on the dosage in which it is sold. The steroid should be purchased only in trusted stores, so as not to fall for a fake.

Testosterone Enanthate in Kyiv can be purchased in the online store. It is better to do this after consulting with a trainer who will prescribe the course of administration and adjust the dosage, based on the individual characteristics of the body and the degree of physical activity.

Aburaihan Testosterone Enanthate Precautions

Despite the fact that anyone can buy Testosterone Enanthate, you should not take a steroid lightly. Some athletes note a number of adverse reactions caused by the drug, in particular, headache, excessive irritability and aggressiveness, the manifestation of allergic reactions on the skin at the injection site of the steroid. Given the risk of adverse reactions, it is worth buying a steroid only after consulting a doctor or trainer.

Among the possible complications, gynecomastia may develop, the risk of baldness, the appearance of acne, the development of hirsutism is not excluded. Buy Testosterone Enanthate in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine is not a difficult task, but it is worth remembering that this is still a medicine and it must be used in compliance with the prescribed dosage.

Excessive use of a steroid will not bring a more effective result, and considerable harm can be done to the body. Despite the fact that Testosterone Enanthate, the price of which attracts not only professional athletes, but also ordinary people, should be taken deliberately so that its administration gives the desired result, and does not cause serious health complications.