Testosterone Propionate CYGNUS and its properties

►A set of high-quality muscle mass

►High relief

►Increase libido

►Drawing Muscles

► Strength increase

►Enhancing endurance

Testosterone propionate Signus description and effect

Testosterone Propionate (often referred to as "propik" among athletes) is the most sought after and primary steroid in bodybuilding and strength sports. What can I say, propionate is used in almost any sport that needs great strength and endurance.

Boxers, wrestlers, swimmers, yes, all athletes know what effect the test gives. propionate.

In view of the fact that it directly affects the level of testosterone in the blood, the athlete gains speed, endurance and strength.

Testosterone propionate has a short duration of action, so injections are mostly given every other day. Due to its short action, it is one of the few injectables that can be used by women.

With the correct selection of the dosage of the drug, the athlete practically does not experience water retention in the body. You should not expect a sharp increase in body weight from testosterone propionate, it increases it gradually and qualitatively. Most often it is used during the drying period, when it is necessary to make a good shape without excess fat and water.

The detection time on doping tests is 4 weeks from the moment the course is stopped.

Course Testosterone Propionate CYGNUS in sports

Depending on the sport and the goals to be achieved, propionate is combined with different drugs. Approximate dosages range from 50 to 150 mg every other day. The standard course for testosterone propionate is calculated for approximately 6-8 weeks.

For drying, for example, it would be optimal to combine it with Winstrol. Injections will have to be done every day, but at the end of the course you will look very embossed. Among more experienced athletes, this drug is used as an exit from a powerful course.

For women, it is recommended to put no more than 10-25 mg of the drug every other day.