Aburaihan Testosterone Propionate is one of the legendary anabolics that are produced by the world leader Aburaihan, an Iranian company producing sports supplements and certain medicines. The drug itself is an ether that must be injected. Its disadvantage is that the testosterone concentration lasts only a couple of days, which leads to frequent repeated injections to maintain proper shape. But, this drug is highly valued for its effectiveness: it helps to build high-quality muscle mass, accelerates the breakdown of fat. The best option for using this drug during diets to give relief to the body is drying.


The course of Testosterone Propionate varies from the goals of the athlete himself, his previous experience and characteristics of the body, but the norm is 100-150 mg per week. Keep in mind that if you want to specifically tidy up your body, then you should stick to 150 mg, especially if this is your first time with such drugs. However, if you just want to test your body's reaction to anabolics, then 100 mg is your choice. With this dosage, you will minimize the risk of various side effects. Do not forget to sometimes do hormone tests during the course in order to control the state of your body and prevent undesirable consequences.

The positive side of the drug

Athletes using Testosterone Propionate note the following positive points:

  • active growth of muscle mass,
  • increases muscle strength due to an accelerated metabolism,
  • recovery time after even the most difficult workouts is reduced,
  • an increase in the hormone causes increased sexual desire, increased libido and active growth of body hair,
  • improving the quality of the joints due to the accumulation of interarticular fluid,
  • rapid breakdown of fatty fibers,
  • endurance increase,
  • for a month increased muscle mass by 5-6 kg.

Side effects

Like any medication, Testosterone Propionate has side effects. Among them are the following:

  • Due to the frequent need for injections, inflammation, irritation and simply painful hematomas occur on the body. Choose the areas for the administration of the medication correctly and each time is different.
  • To restore the usual level of testosterone hormone, you need to wait 2-3 months without additional drugs. However, in order to keep the body in a healthy state, it is worth helping the body to regulate the hormonal background on its own, starting from the second week of the ether course.
  • If you do not find your normal dose, there is a chance that the kidneys and liver will suffer.
  • It is not recommended to take women, as there is a chance of developing virilization.
  • Due to the unusual level of the hormone for the body, gynecomastia, mild baldness, acne, prostate enlargement (but only in men who are already over 50) may appear.