Trenbolone acetate is a short ester of trenbolone, great for gaining lean muscle mass, it will give relief to your muscles, strength, and has a good fat burning effect.

How to take trenbolone acetate:

beginners should talk to a consultant about the possibility of using trenbolone on the cycle.

experienced athletes: a working dosage of 300 per week, a course of 6-8 weeks, with the addition of testosterone to the course, as well as other anabolics. In total, you will need from 18 ampoules or more, our consultant will help you calculate the number of ampoules and other steroids.

How to put trenbolone acetate:

Trenbolone acetate is administered intramuscularly, it does not matter whether it is administered in the morning, afternoon or evening, the main thing is to apply at the same time, you can mix trenbolone and testosterone in one syringe.

Additional drugs on the course:

Cabergoline and letrozole or anastrozole, gonadotropin, if oral steroids are present on the course, then you need to drink additional flamin.

What can be combined with:

It must be combined with testosterone, you can add more anabolics to your course

How to do PCT after trenbolone acetate:

We take Clomid, after trenbolone you can not use tamoxifen

How to take Clomid:

For 15 days we drink Clomid 100 mg and for 15 days we drink 50 mg per day and for 15 days we drink 25 mg per day.

* Clomid dosages may vary depending on the dosages of trenbolone acetate and the time of its use, as well as additional drugs on the course.