The hormonal remedy Trenbolon Acetate is an affordable product from the Indian corporation Allchem. The product has earned trust and is in demand in the modern market. Among the distinguishing features stands out the price of the product. The active substance trenbolone acetate provides a rapid increase in muscle mass, speeds up metabolism, and reduces body fat.

  • Trenbolon Acetate is an anabolic injectable from Allchem
  • Actively burns fat thanks to its active ingredient
  • Does not retain water in the athlete's body, so the rollback phenomenon is minimal
  • The muscles become larger in volume, denser and more prominent
  • Increases strength indicators immediately after the first application
  • Does not convert into female hormones, does not aromatize
  • Has a strong androgenic and anabolic effect
  • Good for joints

Operating principle

The company's employees have implemented the classic formula of trenbolone acetate, which allows you to get a known result. In the absence of contraindications and individual intolerance, the drug affects the gene mechanisms that trigger the growth of muscle mass, increase strength characteristics and burn fat due to increased production of ITP. The product has a number of contraindications and requires the correct choice of dosage.

The effect of the drug

The drug falls into the category of potent and has the following effect:

  • growth of muscle mass through the activation of the mechanism of protein synthesis, improvement of metabolism,
  • influence on the secretion of growth hormone, which contributes to the improvement of general physical characteristics,
  • burning body fat due to increased concentration of ITP in the body,
  • blocking the production of cortisol, increasing mindfulness and endurance.

Often the remedy affects the level of potency of the athlete, and also increases libido. In some cases, the opposite effect is observed.

Examples of drug courses, dosages

The course involves the daily administration of the drug, less often athletes use the technology of taking every other day. An effective dosage with minimal health risk is considered to be 50 mg. The course involves taking injections for 6-8 weeks. The product lends itself perfectly to combination and reception in solo. The product is pure and does not require the use of antiestrogen. Post-course therapy is carried out after two weeks from the end of the course. The most effective recovery is carried out with clomid or tamoxifen. When combined with methane, testosterone or other androgenic drugs, additional cleansing of the body is required.

Side effects

Taking the drug involves the appearance of a number of side effects:

  • acne, hair loss,
  • decreased libido and erection,
  • occurrence of insomnia
  • increased aggression, depression, mood swings,
  • increase in pressure
  • nausea, dizziness, diarrhea.

Sometimes there is discharge from the nose. Also, with prolonged use, the athlete's hormonal background is disturbed. Requires PCT.

Reviews about the drug

Trenbolone Acetate is recommended by a significant number of athletes. Chinese products meet the standards and quality requirements, create the desired effect in a short time. The composition of the drug does not contain impurities that cause aromatization.