Trenagen A is an anabolic steroid manufactured by Genetic Labs. One vial of Trenagen A contains 10 ml of injection solution. The active chemical of this steroid is trenbolone acetate. 1 ml of the drug contains 100 mg of trenbolone acetate. Trenbolone is one of the most potent steroids. Trenbolone acetate very similar to androgen receptors. Trenbolone stabilizes androgen receptors several times faster than such well-known steroids as testosterone and nandrolone. Therefore, taking the drug causes a strong increase in the muscle mass of the athlete and his strength indicators. In its chemical structure, trenbolone is similar to nandrolone, although it is very different from the latter in properties. Trenbolone acetate is popular due to the fact that it does not aromatize. Due to this, its reception does not cause such a side effect as gynecomastia. Also, the drug does not cause fluid retention in the human body. Therefore, the collected mass is of good quality.

The main effects of Trenagen A include:

  • growth of quality muscle mass
  • a significant increase in the strength indicators of athletes, which is why trenbolone acetate is so loved by powerlifters
  • promotes improved production of growth hormone
  • has a positive effect on fat burning
  • promotes an increase in the level of insulin-like growth factor
  • reduces the level of cortisol in the human body

Trenbolone acetate has a short period of action on the human body, so injections must be done daily or every other day.The working dosage is 50 mg every day or 100 mg by injection every other day. Trenagen A is perfectly combined with other steroids. Most often, trenbolone acetate is combined with winstrol: 50 mg of each drug daily or every other day. Such a course of steroids, along with proper nutrition, allows you to get an increase in high-quality muscles with simultaneous muscle compaction. There is also a significant increase in the strength indicators of athletes. The muscles are of high quality and with a low fat content in the athlete's body. Professional bodybuilders add anadrol to this combination. In steroid cycles for drying, Trenagen A can be combined with stanozolol or oxandrolone. When taking trenbolone acetate, estrogen effects are practically absent. Androgenic effects may occur to a small extent. During a course of steroids with the use of Trenagen A, the following side effects are possible: increased blood pressure, insomnia, increased hair loss, aggressiveness. Since trenbolone acetate causes a decrease in the production of testosterone by the human body, athletes often show a decrease in libido and there is a risk of testicular atrophy. To combat these side effects, gonadotropin and tamoxifen are used. There is no toxic effect on the normal functioning of the liver. You can buy Trenagen A from our anabolic steroid store.