Trainer buy – a very potent androgen with strong anabolic activity. It is very well suited for rapid gains in strength and muscle mass and usually provides the athlete with exceptional results in a relatively short time. The anabolic effect of this drug is often compared to such popular means for gaining large overweight masses as testosterone or methandrostenolone, but with one very important difference: Trenaver does not convert to estrogen. This is actually a very rare quality for strong anabolics, most of which tend to aromatize (or cause other estrogen-related problems) very strongly.
Usually in cases where an athlete is going to use steroids that are milder in relation to conversion to estrogen, he has the right to expect slow, multi-week muscle growth, but with Trenaver Ac. buy Ukraine all wrong. Although there is no need to worry about estrogen-related side effects, Trenaver is still a super effective tool for gaining strength and mass.
In the case of its intake, there is no noticeable water retention, so the mass gained on the cycle with Trenaver is very rigid and traced, while the level of subcutaneous fat becomes lower. The high androgenic level that occurs when using this steroid, in the absence of estrogenic problems, can accelerate the burning of subcutaneous fat. The result can be tighter musculature, which is a promising factor in avoiding extreme dieting.Trainer Kyiv buy can therefore be the cause of incredibly tight, defined musculature and be an ideal remedy for competitive bodybuilders.
How to use:
Do not exceed the recommended dosages (Trenbolone acetate – 50 mg per day, Trenbolone enanthate, etc. – 300 mg per week)
Start at the lowest dose to test tolerance (possible negative reactions that require interruption of the cycle).
The duration of the course is no more than 4 weeks without the use of gonadotropin and nolvadex, as described above. The drug has a pronounced inhibitory effect on the secretion of its own testosterone, so it is highly desirable to introduce gonadotropin from the 2nd week of the course at 500-100 IU, once a week. Gonadotropin injections are stopped 2 weeks after the steroid is discontinued.
The effect:
Trenaver is a powerful steroid that is 5 times more anabolic and androgenic than testosterone. This is an excellent preparation for gaining cape and muscle density without water retention and with minimal water retention. Since Trenaver does not aromatize, it makes the muscles hard and stiff.
Side effects:
Trainer reviews in terms of its anabolic properties, it is approximately on the same level as testosterone esters and methandrostenolone, although, unlike them, it does not have estrogenic side effects.