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Tri-tren put 2 times a week, dosage 400 mg per week. The duration of the course is usually built within 6 – 8 weeks.

An excellent course for mass gain will be an 8 week cycle of tri-tren, 400 mg per week, sustanon 500 mg per week and 40 mg of methane on an even background every day. This is of course the most powerful course for the development of strength and mass, it is suitable for intermediate-level athletes who have tried about 5 or even more courses.

During the course, you need to use gonadotropin 500 units once a week, starting from the 2nd week of the course and continuing to take it until the end of the course.

After the end of the "three tren" intake, post-cycle therapy should be carried out after 2 weeks after the end of the steroid intake. For PCT use Clomid 100mg for the first 5 days, then 50mg for 10 days.

This may all seem overly complicated and convoluted to you, but in fact, trenbolone is the heavy artillery in BB, and if you want to maintain your health and improve your results, you will have to adhere to these rules.